How Stealing Jake Fromm cost UGA two or more NC's

Jake Fromm was a long time to commit to Bama from early in the recruiting process. Though raised in GA, and from a UGA family, Fromm knew his best interest was in going to Bama. Kirby Smart, who recruited GA for Alabama, had convinced him of exactly that.

Tua Tagovailoa, a very good qb, but by no means seen as the #1 player in his class, was also being looked at Bama in the same class with Fromm, (but initially with no offer.) However, early in the process, Tua seemed to want to play on the West Coast. It was going to be a long shot for Bama to get both Tua and Fromm.

Nevertheless, many things happened that landed Tua in Tuscaloosa, not the least of which was the departure of Kirby Smart. Kirby, being his usual dirty self, basically stole Jake Fromm away from Bama (among many other things he stole form Bama.) Once Jake was gone, Alabama became much more interested in Tua and offered him a scholarship. Tua accepted and the rest is history. Kirby, for his part, became the savior of UGA by bringing home the golden boy, Jake Fromm.

But, the question is, was the stealing of Jake Fromm a good deal for UGA?

To begin with, in 2017 Fromm was to be back up to the 5 star starter Jacob Eason. Eason, all the way from Washington, was actually the recruit of Mark Richt and some thought he would follow Richt to Miami. It should be noted that Fromm was not even close to beating out Eason at the start of last season. Then, Eason got hurt. Fromm, playing the role of game manager, came in and lead UGA to a great season, including an SEC Championship. But the real heroes were those UGA backs (Chubb, etc,), and the defense. A good case could be made that any decent 3 or 4 star qb could have lead that team through the regular season and even the first playoff game. Mack Jones could have lead the 2017 UGA team to the same record. Had Fromm not "won" all these games by simply being the beneficiary of an injury, there is ever likelihood when Eason returned, before the end of the season, he would have gone back to being the starter. But, Smart did not want to mess with success, and so Eason was assigned to the bench. He eventually transferred.

Meanwhile the real Jake Fromm, the over hyped game manager, became apparent in the 2018 NCG vs. Alabama. I don’t care what his stats were, he had the chance in the first half, thanks to a great defensive effort by UGA, to put the Dawgs up by 3 touchdowns or more. But, he only managed 13 points. It was his lack of production and many failed opportunities which would come back to haunt GA. I mean as poorly as Bama played on offense in that first half, we were lucky to still be in the game at all.

In the second half of the game, aside from one long pass, Fromm was pretty ineffective. Even when UGA had the ball and tied late in the game Fromm could not deliver. Then, in overtime, Fromm was terrible, just being bailed out by a long FG. Eventually, Tua shined and Bama won.

Several things can be drawn from that game. If Eason had been qb, and not Fromm, would UGA have scored more in regulation and done better in OT? Perhaps. If Fromm had not come to UGA, had gone to Bama, would Tua have even been at Bama and come in to win that game? Perhaps not. If Fromm gone to Bama and been back up to Hurts in that game would Bama have won? No way.

Then this year comes along but it is the same old Fromm . If Fromm had played better AT THE END OF SECCG WHEN THE GAME WAS TIED, would UGA have won? Probably. If Fromm had done more when UGA got the ball back with a minute to go would UGA have won? Maybe. Though Fromm did have a great game stat wise, when he was needed most, he failed. Furthermore, even though winning that game is not a guarantee of a NC, if UGA had won that game, there is a good chance they would go on to win have the NC. Finally, if Fromm had just had a good game against LSU, UGA would right now be in the playoff’s probably getting another shot at Bama.

My conclusion is that the Jake Fromm, whom Kirby stole away to the delight of UGA fans everywhere, has not been able to win the most important games on the biggest stage. Had he not flipped and gone to UGA there is a very good chance, two better qb’s than Fromm (Eason and Fields) would have possibly lead UGA to two NC’s.

Of course the question arises why did Kirby stick with Fromm instead of these two other qb’s. Well, we will never know Smart’s real reasoning, anymore than we will know why the fake punt, but who knows what kind of promises Kirby made to Fromm and his family? Perhaps Jake has simply beaten out two 5 star qb’s because Kirby feels he owes him for flipping from Bama (a big get for Kirby's press clippings.) I mean Fromm is like UGA’s Julio Jones, the "big name" in state player who came to save a program and then others followed.

Finally, it now appears UGA will lose Justin Fields, a qb whom many compare to Deshaun Watson. If Fields really is that talented, then Jake Fromm’s presence at UGA may very well cost UGA even another NC.

Meanwhile, Tua’s presence at Bama has already netted one natty, and may bring home two more. Futhermore, look out from Taulia, who could bring even another trophies to Bama. Know way we get him if Tua had not first come to Bama.

So, Georgia is in love with Jake Fromm. The whole stinking state, in which I live, is Jake country. But I think what they are in love with as image. The image of a good looking All American boy from the state, who stayed home, in spite of an offer to go play for that evil Alabama, and came to save UGA. Fromm is the representative of whom ever Bulldog mom wants her daughter to marry and every UGA dad wants his son to become. But, all I have to say is thanks Kirby and thanks Jake. We appreciate you sneaking away to UGA.

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