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RBR Podcast with The Unofficial Assistant Coaches — “Mama, there goes my ankles”

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This week, we’re joined by the growing legend of The unOfficial Assistant Coaches

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The unOfficial Assistant Coaches

We are super-excited this week to be joined by the growing legend himself, Coach P a/k/a John Doe, of the popular twitter and YouTube accounts “UACoaches” — The unOfficial Assistant Coaches (TUA).

Among the topics covered:

  • Saban rarely winning COY
  • His favorite play of the year
  • Who has the best moves on the team, and is anyone in Jerry Jeudy’s league in terms of cut ability?
  • What new recruit will star on “mama, there goes my ankles” next season
  • Which current player has the best chance at making multiple pro bowls
  • His preview of the game next week and his thoughts on if Kyler will have success against Alabama.
  • So much more

We also get you caught up on the Early Signing Period — the good, the bad and the ugly, and which recruit is their “underrated” recruit of this class so far.

A lot of great content and info this week. Be sure to follow the guys on twitter and a huge thanks again to Coach P for joining us!

You can find Coach P a/k/a John Doe on Twitter @theUACoaches or at and be sure to follow his YouTube channel for his videos