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RBR Podcast — Previewing the NSD Class of 2019 with special guest Chris Kirschner of SEC Country

Like Nick Saban, we don’t take time off from recruiting either.

Chris Kirschner

SEC Country

Wes and Brad are joined this week by SEC Country’s Alabama Recruiting Reporter, Chris Kirschner, to recap the 2018 Signing Class and what ‘Bama got, along with what they missed on. Chris previews the 2019 class and some big names to keep your eyes on.

Was this class number one? Nope, and the sky isn’t falling either. Finally, Wes and Brad go all in on some disappointing classes nationally, including the one signed by a certain former defensive coordinator now residing in Knoxville.

Big thanks to Chris for coming on and providing us with a lot of great info on this years and next years classes. Check it out and let us know your thoughts on Alabama’s “putrid” 7th overall ranked recruiting class.