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Jumbo Package: Justin Thomas wins another

The former Tide standout continues his domination in a (mostly) great sports weekend for Alabama.

The Honda Classic - Final Round Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Happy Monday, everyone. Outside of the basketball debacle it was a good weekend in Tuscaloosa, and a great one for Tide golf product Justin Thomas.

Congrats to Justin, the current #3 player in the world, on the title and the elite company joined. The day wasn’t completely without controversy, however, as he was caught on mic trying to have a fan ejected for rooting for one of his shots to go into the bunker.

The football team is still working hard.

That looks like six plates, which would total 585 pounds.

Alabama is trying to “flip” a UGA “commit” as if commitments meant anything this early in the game.

How would he classify Alabama’s chances of flipping him?

“It’s a big chance,” Smith said. “Both teams were just in the national championship and Alabama has a great squad and a great group of guys. They are known to put outside linebackers in the NFL.”

And would he consider himself 100 percent committed to UGA?

“That’s undisclosed.”

To be sure, this kid is one of the top edge rushers in the class and is coveted by everyone. Former teammate Stephon Wynn is working hard on him.

Huge news for the track and field team.

“This was a total team championship,” Alabama coach Dan Waters said. “Everyone contributed. One of the most impressive things about this championship was where the points came from. Our freshman triple jumper, Christian Edwards, finishing second. Kord Ferguson finishing second in the shot put with an amazing mark. Shelby McEwen winning the high jump for our only individual title. Our distance runners scoring 31 points in the 3,000 and 5,000. It was a total team effort and that’s how we built this program. Everyone chipped in one way or another.”

1972 was a long time ago. Congratulations on the accomplishment.

Overall, No. 10 Alabama went 3-1 during the weekend, including splitting two games against No. 9 Florida State.

Staff ace Alexis Osorio (3-1) won her only game in the tournament, leading a 3-0 victory against the Seminoles on Friday night. Freshman Madison Preston (3-1) took the loss in the Saturday rematch after giving up 2 home runs, including a leadoff shot down the left-field line, as the Seminoles prevailed 3-1.

“This was her first shot against a ranked opponent,” coach Patrick Murphy said. “I thought she gave us a chance to win and that’s what I always ask from a starting pitcher. She’s out there for a reason. We believe she has the ability to beat a top-10 team.”

The ladies are off to a solid start. Lexi’s arm is going to fall off by the time the postseason is finished this year.

The men’s tennis team is undefeated.

Very nice. Last but not least, the basketball team has zero time left to get its stuff together.

“Slow start for us today,” Johnson said. “We were just in a fog to start the game. No rhythm. No sense of urgency. We finally woke up a little bit going into halftime, in the second half. To start the game we just weren’t ourselves. I’m still trying to put my finger on it.”

After the Tennessee win, nothing short of a total collapse could have kept the Tide out of the NCAA field.

Well, they haven’t won since and said total collapse to wreck the season is now on the table.

Until last season, no team had ever received an at large bid with 15 losses. Vanderbilt managed to do it, but that team won five of its last six games and made the conference semifinals. The committee is unlikely to show the same favor to a team that limps to the finish line. The Tide simply must have one of these last two games.

That’s about it for today. Have a great week.

Roll Tide.