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FBI Corruption Probe: Alabama’s investigation clears Collin Sexton...again.

As we suspected, this has already been addressed.

Alabama v Arizona

Thumbs up, indeed.

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On Thursday, Yahoo! Sports released an explosive report into the FBI’s investigation of L.A NBA agents, Dawkins and Miller and the broad swath of corruption in college basketball. It’s a convuluted story, encompassing dozens of schools and stretching back years, but here’s our rough thumbnail of the pertinents.

One name that did appear in Yahoo’s report, momentarily giving everyone in Tuscaloosa immediate dyspepsia, was Alabama’s Collin Sexton.

Sexton was among the more than 20 Division I players named in Friday’s Yahoo! Sports report. The players were identified as possibly breaking NCAA rules through violations that were uncovered by the FBI’s investigation into corruption in the sport.

We speculated on Friday that this was either another attempt by the agents to meet with Sexton’s parents or had been investigated and addressed previously by the team — in either case, we all-but assured you this was going to be minor or (or not even matter, if it had been previously punished by the NCAA.)

What’s behind Door Number Two, Monty?

Alabama officials told ESPN that Sexton paid his penalty for known violations, serving a one-game NCAA suspension in the season opener against Memphis. He did not debut until the team’s second game against Lipscomb.

Crimson Tide officials told ESPN the latest report includes nothing pertaining to them that wasn’t already known and addressed, and as a result, say there is nothing new to address at this time.

”We reviewed [the report], and after we reviewed it, we made the decision that Collin was going to be available for us,” Alabama coach Avery Johnson said after Saturday’s 76-73 loss to the Razorbacks. “That’s the extent of it.”

So, there you are: this sound and fury signifying nothing stems from the Sextons meeting with Michel over the Summer. The matter has been investigated by the school and the NCAA, and Sexton served a one-game suspension to start the season. Having been cleared, Sexton dropped 15 and had 6 assists in Saturday’s loss to Arkansas.

For the Crimson Tide, the storm has passed.

Others in our league? Not so much. (Looking at you, LSU and Auburn.)

In fact, the AAU black market has so disgusted Georgia’s Mark Fox that he took to the airwaves to complain about certain rivals that have been paying players, hindering clean programs (Looking at you, Kentucky.)

“It starts with our coaches, and then you ask how the NCAA has handled it,” Fox said. “The NCAA is made up of member institutions. How are the institutions handling it? That’d be my first question. How are they handling it? Putting their head in the sand and looking the other way? I’m past anger, sadness. It’s just disgusting, and we’re really hurting the game, and the game has been so good to everybody.”

How this all ends is anyone’s guess. But, fortunately, Alabama should be able to sit on the sidelines and watch the carnage unfold as a spectator and not an active participant.