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Jumbo Package: Recruiting heats up for West Coast blue-chip DB

The real DBU

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Alabama v Auburn

No reason. Just wanted to show Javier Arenas some love.

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Under Armour West Coast:

Mykael Wright, a cornerback from Valencia (Calif.) was one of the top players at the event. At roughly 5’11, 180, Wright has good size and was like glue on receivers all day. I chatted him up after he received his invite to the Under Armour All-America Game.

“If I had to make a Top 5, I know that Oregon, USC, and Arizona would make it,” he said. Wright has connected with the new staff at Arizona. He’ll visit USC the first weekend in March, and will see Oregon in the spring.

Wright recently picked up an offer from Alabama, which he classified as a “game changer.” He thinks Texas and Michigan could be the next to offer.

Even though Alabama has begun to move away from the hulking 6’2” corners of Saban Teams Past, the 5’11, 180 Wright is still a little undersized (he’s probably closer to his sophomore frame: A shade over 5’10” and nearer 170 than 180.) But, what he lacks in pure speed and size, he does make up for with game quickness, hops, body control, soft hands, and far more physicality than you’d expect:

For whatever reason, Hudl’s embeds are down. But, make sure you check out his some of his highlights: he plays WR, CB and even a few snaps at RB. The really fun stuff starts about 1’30”

Cheatin’ Barn

When you’re mired in a funk, the best thing to do is troll the cheatin’ Barn. And, really, when is not a good time to troll the cheatin’ Barn. Florida fans did exactly that...and manufactured an NCAA infraction for the Tigers in the process.

From the story:

Some Florida fans got creative with a taunt after the Gators beat Auburn in Gainesville over the weekend. Here’s video showing fans chanting “FBI” and throwing what appears to be money at the Tigers players.

- - -

The thing is, the cash was real, and because of that it could be viewed as an impermissible benefit by the NCAA. So Auburn did what they’re supposed to do, and self-reported an NCAA violation.

Eff-Bee-Eye is a far superior chant to Ess-Eee-Cee, if you ask me. But, with Alabama, LSU, Kentucky and Auburn all having been mentioned by the Yahoo report, that pair of three-letter acronyms could very well become synonymous soon in any event. #AintCheatinAintTryin

What do we think about this fam?

This is...interesting.

Former Tennessee coach Butch Jones could find his way back into the SEC as reports he and Alabama are discussing a potential off-field role with the Crimson Tide.

According to the report, Nick Saban has reached out to Jones regarding a position as an offensive analyst on his staff, and Jones has visited Saban in Tuscaloosa.

Jones’ best contributions are as a recruiter, where he hauled in Top 10 classes every year in Knoxville. He’s not noted for defensive acumen, and the offense was dreadful most years. Putting Jones in the booth, removing him from the one demonstrable skill he has, seems squirrelly to me.

The only posible upside I can see is getting recon on the on Tennessee program Jeremy Pruitt inherited. So, what do we think of this?

Dark Horse Combine Hero

Looking for a stealth candidate with the potential to dominate his position in the NFL Combine? No, it’s not Minkah Fitzpatrick, nor is it the athletic and speedy Tony Brown. It’s not the freakish DaRon Payne either.

I give you Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama

There’s little certainty about the wide receiver class, but Ridley might be the most reliable option. Even amid Alabama’s uneven passing performances, he proved to be one of the smoothest and most natural players at his position. Though he might draw scrutiny for a slender frame, his work in drills should give him a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Kicker. Seventh time’s a charm, right?

Surely, this one is gonna’ pan out?

After experiencing kicking woes in the College Football Playoff Championship Game, Alabama didn’t wait long to target a specialist in the 2019 class, delivering an offer to Hoover (Ala.) kicker Will Reichard during a visit earlier this month.

“I was pretty overwhelmed,” Reichard told BamaOnLine. “Growing up in Alabama, it was pretty special. I guess I could say I wasn’t expecting it, but I went down there thinking that it could be a possibility. I was just really excited. It’s a great opportunity.”