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SEATTLE SOFTBALL TAILGATE: Cheer on the Tide in the Pacific Northwest

There’s an open tailgate and you’re invited! #RollTide

Kaila Hunt Softball Slide

Kaila Hunt doing her impression of Barry Sanders

From BamaRavens —

For anyone in the Pacific Northwest, the softball team will be playing at the Husky Invitational this weekend.

The Seattle and Portland Alabama Alumni are gathering for the doubleheader on March 4th if anyone would like to join us.

The tailgate begins at 11 a.m. Pacific time, and you can find more details here. (AOL users, copy and paste:

Here is the schedule for the Husky Invitational:

  • Mar 2 (Fri) 1:15 P.M. CT vs. BYU
  • Mar 2 (Fri) 5:45 P.M. CT vs. Washington
  • Mar 3 (Sat) 4:45 P.M. CT vs. Portland State
  • Mar 3 (Sat) 7 P.M. CT vs. Washington
  • Mar 4 (Sun) Noon CT vs. Washington

All games can be heard on Praise 93.3 and will be livestreamed by the Huskies.

Roll Tide