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Alabama Basketball gives up and rolls over to Florida

Final score, 73-52 Gators

NCAA Basketball: Florida at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Well. There’s not much to say about this one. After a hot 6-0 start, Alabama totally gave up and, other than a few sporadic free throws, didn’t make another basket for 14 minutes. They went into halftime with their lowest scoring output of the season with 18 points to Florida’s 37.

Nobody could hit a shot. Despite some decent offensive looks and decent enough defense and effort, Alabama’s shooting was so cursed for so long that it eventually affected the previous two aspects, and we saw a team that totally gave up. By midway through the second half, Coach Avery Johnson benched the entire starting unit and let Lawson Schaffer, Alex Reese, Galin Smith, etc. try to spark some sort of life into the team.

While Schaffer performed pretty well, he was no Tua Tagovailoa, and Alabama did no more than keep pace with a relaxed Gator squad, ending the game down 21 points, 73-52.

Alabama shot 30% from the floor and had 15 turnovers to Florida’s 6. Those two numbers murdered any chance the Crimson Tide had, despite the fact that they dominated the boards, outrebounding Florida 46-31.

Collin Sexton finally started to remember how to make baskets near the end of the game and ended up leading the team with 14 points. Braxton Key was second with 11 points-- many of his coming in the midst of the major scoring droughts— while also leading the team with 8 rebounds. Nobody else made it to double digits.

There’s little I can even say about this one. I’m not angry. Just disappointed.

You know, maybe not even disappointed. More like numb. We’ve gone from a dangerous team with a potential of a 6-8 seeding in the NCAA tournament to a more likely NIT team, again, in only a couple of weeks.

So, instead of trying to write anything, here’s some tweets of anguish, for those of you that enjoy masochism. Call it an offseason Meltdown thread.