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RBR Podcast: Breaking down the Hokies with Tech Sideline’s Chris Coleman

Here’s what Alabama needs to do to win its first tournament game in over 10 years.

Duke University v Virginia Tech Photo by Lauren Rakes/Getty Images

In our latest podcast episode, we are joined by Chris Coleman (@ChrisColemanTSL), who is the managing editor for, covierin has Virginia Tech football and basketball since 2002.

Chris goes in depth on the Hokies at both ends of the court, looks at what advantages the Tide may have — there is a ray of rebounding hope for the Crimson Tide

Then we take a look at Jay Wright’s Wildcats. Villanova may not be as impossible as it appears if Bama gets by Virginia Tech.

Plus: SEC tourney tidbits, Collin Sexton’s leadership, and John Petty getting hot at the right time.

Tell us your thoughts on the game Thursday night below. Also, let us know who you have winning it all. If you pick the correct champion, the guys will give you a shout out on the episode following the championship game and we will even see about trying to work up some gear to send you. So get your mind right, and Roll Tide.

Our thanks again to Chris Coleman at Tech Sideline!