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The Most Important Alabama Crimson Tide Player You Probably Have Never Heard Of

It’s a good thing if you don’t hear his name called.

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Alabama vs Clemson
Do you see him?
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Quick without looking it up, can you name #52 on the Alabama Crimson Tide football team? I will give you a hint: He was a redshirt freshman last season from Alpharetta, Ga. Nothing? He played in all 14 games this past season. Still nothing?

Why it is Scott Meyer of course! Never heard of him? That is the idea.

Have you ever heard the quip about “if you haven’t heard his name called, he is doing a good job”? That applies none more so than to long snappers. Meyer is the primary long snapper on PAT and field goal attempts for the Tide. Despite a few difficulties by Bama kicker Andy Pappanastos this past season, Meyer was given a perfect grade on all chances. That is 28 field goal attempts and 64 PATs without so much as an error.

For the Class of 2016, 247sports awarded stars (from three stars down to one) to 16 longsnappers. Meyer was not among them. Among the Class of 2016 long snappers at Rubio Long Snapping/Chris Sailer Kicking Camp, he ranked 12th at the position. Despite this lack of hype, Nick Saban and some eagle-eyed assistants saw something in Meyer after he had camped in Tuscaloosa.

The former Blessed Trinity High School (Roswell, GA) lineman received offers from Army and Air Force but chose to walk-on at Alabama.

A year ago, the Crimson Tide signed the nation’s #3 ranked LS Thomas Fletcher to replace four-year starter Cole Mazza. Fletcher was the primary snapper on punts in 2017, but Meyer proved more than worthy of handling snap duties on placekicks.

Here’s to three more years of not hearing his name called.