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Jumbo Package: Butch Jones likely heading to Alabama as analyst

If you still don’t understand this one, you’re not alone.

Southern Miss v Tennessee

Spoiler: Tennessee lost this game

Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The proposal to change the kickoff rule originated with OSU AD Greg Schiano, following the terrifying paralysis of Rutgers’ Eric LeGrand.

But, as noted yesterday, the recent proposal is only a half-measure that has the potential to strip a lot of strategy out of the game while not doing much for player safety. SI’s Andy Staples agrees. If we’re going to make a change for player safety, then make the full change:

The problem is the committee’s half measure makes the game more boring while not making it much safer. A much more effective solution was proposed by a coach seven years ago. It’s the full measure as opposed to the committee’s half measure. Not only would it make the game safer, it also would make it more interesting. Who is this prescient coach? You’re not going to like the answer, Tennessee fans.

It’s Greg Schiano.

Schiano’s proposal is in the Staples story above. But, it seems quite convoluted to me. If the kickoff is going to be eliminated, then just beginning play at your own 25 seems the easiest, fastest, and more readily-officiated solution.

There’s some serious pushback on UCF’s claim of a national title...and it’s coming from within the Knights’ Group of Five brethren. Sean Frazier, the NIU AD, took the AAC to the mat for its “Power Six” push generally, and dialed in on UCF, specifically:

Frazier said claims of dominance by the AAC trivialize the efforts of other Group of Five programs in the Sun Belt, Mountain West, Conference USA and MAC.

”What it does is marginalize the Mountain West,” Frazier said. “It marginalizes our conference. [The AAC] doesn’t have the data set to prove that. Most of those schools don’t have a history of winning. They don’t have a history of winning like Northern Illinois, Boise State.”

The G5 relies upon maintaining solidarity within its voting bloc in the NCAA. The UCF claim and the AAC’s push to anoint itself as kingkiller, is making that a lot more difficult now.

BTW: One team that emphatically doesn’t believe UCF are the champs? Auburn.

On the subject of player safety, here is a brutal story out of Columbus. Former OSU standout running back Beanie Wells is already exhibiting symptoms of TBI:

A few years after his NFL career came to an end, former Ohio State standout Chris “Beanie” Wells began working for 97.1 The Fan in Columbus.

But Wells, who rushed for 3,382 yards in his three seasons with the Buckeyes, has been missing from his role as co-host of The Tim and Beanie Show in recent weeks. On Monday morning, Wells returned to the airwaves and revealed that his absence was health-related.

He has symptoms of head trauma from his football career.

Beanie Wells is 29 years old. This is going to drastically change the ongoing conversation.

This looks like a done deal: Butch Jones to Alabama as an offensive analyst. I still don’t understand this one, TBH.

The Spun has learned through sources in Alabama that former Tennessee head coach Butch Jones is expected to be hired as an offensive analyst for the Crimson Tide. An announcement is expected sometime this week. first reported last week that Jones had met with Nick Saban and was in discussions regarding a potential analyst role. It is an off-field position.

Again, I just don’t understand this one. Jones is an excellent recruiter, but is not noted as being a luminary X and O guy, where an analyst role would fit the program. And, the one demonstrable skill he does have, selling a program to momma in the living room, is completely off the table.

This seems much more like a typical Saban favor to the coaching fraternity rather than anything that improves Alabama for 2018.

If you understand it or can defend it better than I can, feel free to make your case.

Despite a 5-game losing streak, and finishing 4-9 down the stretch, Lunardi’s Bracketology at ESPN still has ‘Bama — somehow, miraculously — as the last team in.

A few wins in the SEC Tournament would go a long, long way to fulfilling that projection.

Even as the NCAA is trying to relax the standards for player transfers, many coaches aren’t happy about. Memphis Coach Tubby Smith had much to say about the ridiculously promiscuous transfers in NCAA basketball:

Memphis coach Tubby Smith said Sunday it’s a trend that must slowed.

”Kids have a lot of options, nowadays with the new NCAA regulations, guys can transfer whenever they want,” Smith said following Memphis’ 90-70 win over East Carolina. “I’ve been in this business a long time, never seen anything like it. We had over 800 Division I players transfer last year. We’re teaching them how to quit. That’s what we’re doing.

Last week we speculated that the NBA was zeroing in on eliminating its one-and-done/19 mandate. Today, more news came out of Commissioner Adam Silver’s office that indicates the end is nigh: The NBA is looking to strengthen its ties to high schools:

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, current commissioner Adam Silver has held meetings with the National Basketball Player’s Association and is focused on positioning the league into the two periods which they are absent from young prospects careers:

During their high school career

During the time between high school graduation and the moment they feel they are ready to play in the NBA, both physically and emotionally

LOL. Lane gonna’ Lane:

FAU head coach Lane Kiffin says he judges coaches’ recruiting tactics by their wives.

“He’s got a beautiful wife,” Kiffin said of hiring his new offensive coordinator, 24-year-old Charlie Weis Jr. “How’d Charlie get her? I look at assistant coaches’ wives. It tells me if they are good recruiters or not.”

Sometimes he says things that leave me speechless. This is one of them.