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Jumbo Package: #JailState — Bad ‘dogs with great bangs get caught stealing from ‘Bama

#DisrespectingTheTide strikes again.


I really wish I could take credit for “Jail State,” a delightful mockery of Starkvegas’ #hailstate marketing. Alas, I cannot. Friend of the blog, Sam Harden came up with it. And I stole it. Sorry, Sam.

As for the offense the bad ‘dogs copped to, it is believed these four knuckleheads broke into the Mal Moore football complex over the weekend and stole items of memorabilia. Story in the link above.

As to another pertinent aspect of this story, Morgan Moriarty does note that the coiffures on these criminal masterminds is 100% peak SEC West hair: Just tremendous bangs all-around, fellas.

This guy. Jesus, Reuben.

Foster has been charged with domestic violence with an allegation that he inflicted great bodily injury, forcefully attempting to prevent a victim from reporting a crime and possession of an assault weapon. In addition to those felonies, Foster has been charged with misdemeanor possession of a large-capacity weapon magazine.

The charges stem from an incident on Feb. 11, when the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department responded to a 911 call, went to Foster’s Los Gatos, California, home and ended up arresting the linebacker.

If convicted, Foster would face more than 11 years in prison, according to a press release from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

Throat-clearing about due process aside, if the facts played out as the report indicates, I’m done with this guy.

After that depressing story, we need some good news: how about Mike Leach getting loaded and following a racoon half-a-mile “just to see where he lives.” I hate that Tennessee didn’t hire this guy. He would have made the SEC infinitely more interesting.

Secondary depth is definitely going to be an issue this season. All of those corners and safeties that Saban has targeted the last two years are going to see action...he’s even counting on ones that haven’t shown up on campus yet:

-- Saban: The defensive backs have been a work in progress with so many new guys back there. ... We’ve got some new guys coming in, and there’s no doubt that we’re going to have to use those guys for depth in the secondary.

This is a great piece by Staples on why more coaches “play the percentages” instead of playing the actual percentages, which would result in more radical play (such as not punting, for instance.) Several high schools play the real percentages to great effect; Pulaski (AR) comes to mind immediately.

Alabama is falling in love with San Mateo (CC) players, especially the beefy Polynesians on the line. And, hey, why not? It’s worked for USC for 50 years? This is cool feature in the Mercury News on ‘Bama’s newest San Mateo signees (did you know, for instance, that Tevita Musika and older cousin Tevita Vea were roommates? Or even cousins? I did not. #Refund).

FWIW, the Merc has hands-down the best college sports reporting in California. The Fresno Bee has its moments, but this is the gold standard, IYAM.

Alabama is preparing for its second scrimmage this weekend, and the pads are popping, particularly from a physical pass rush and a dominant offensive line. Here are some ginchy photos.

Alabama’s terrible run of Spring injury luck continues: This time it’s WR Tyrell Shavers:

Redshirt freshman Tyrell Shavers ”hurt a ligament in his big toe” and underwent surgery, Nick Saban said Wednesday night.

Shavers will miss the rest of spring. Worse, these ligament injuries can linger an entire season. Shavers is so athletic and has excellent potential, and this was to be the year he started trying to crack the rotation. This certainly delays his development by a good bit.

But, the biggest issue this spring has not been injuries, it’s been about inconsistency. And yesterday, Saban was in the mood to drop some names.

In addition to Raekwon Davis, Saban also said he wants to see Dylan Moses and Mack Wilson become consistent and be the “alpha dog leaders” the defense needs — we’ve lost a lot of them the last two years.

Finally, this month marks the 50th anniversary of some really momentous news for Alabama athletics -- the Crimson Tide integrated its athletics department.

I did a little legal consulting on this story with Kleph for the Encyclopedia of Alabama History, and there are few more watershed moments in the history of southern sports. But, as usual, the historicity, the work, the attention to detail, and gravitas of the moment are all C.J. — this was his baby and labor of love, and it shows.

Below is the link to Kleph’s thread on the historical background and importance of the events that led to Alabama’s integration. Links to his encyclopedia article and primary sources are in there as well. It’s worth a serious read over lunch.

You may rightly ask why I didn’t lead with this story, and I’m going to give you a chicken***, 100% honest answer: Anything related to race or politics right now, especially as they intertwine with sports, is simply toxic. Our society is poisoned. Even this, what should be a reason to celebrate, would undoubtedly see our FB and Twitter pages bombed with some ignorant, hateful morons and dogwhistles about “class” and “thugs” and the like.

As politically expedient as it is, I alone made the decision that I do not have the time or patience or energy to re-fight the battles of the 1960s right now. That is moral cowardice on my part: Standing up and saying the right thing, doing the right thing should not take a backseat in priorities. And if you’re disappointed in me, gentle reader, you have every right to be; you have no idea how disappointed I am in myself.

I’m sorry.

Now, go read C.J.’s story.