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RBR Question of the Day

Here’s your burning question of the day.

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Not many people are going to put Mark Ingram on his ass one-on-one. Eric Berry is a fine answer.

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This was floating around baseball twitter yesterday, and I’m shamelessly stealing it for the web.

Who is your favorite player on the team you dislike the most?

We got a few good responses last night that are hard to argue with: Bo Jackson, Eric Berry, even a Patrick Roy (must be a Red Wings fan lurking out there.)

Chime in below with yours and one alternative: I’m going with Arian Foster or Reggie White.

If you’re ambitious, pick one for each league. For me, add Mariano Rivera (Yankees,) Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals), and, when I absolutely adored the Knicks, Reggie Miller was the stuff of nightmares.