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Pass the Hat: The incredibly tragic story of Beans Davis

Former ‘Bama crew athlete has been dealt a tough hand.

“Beans Davis” in far happier times.

Danielle Davis

A few years ago, Josh selected his project of philanthropy, and together we did all some good work. I normally withhold advocating using this platform to pass the hat, but a story came across my inbox that I felt would resonate with you and which adheres to our general mission to cover all things ‘Bama. So, consider this my pet project for doing good.

Danielle “Beans” Davis was on the Alabama Rowing team and graduated from the University of Alabama in 2017. You may know her from the weekend weather on WVUA 23.

Here is her story:

The Davis family has been through a tremendous amount of trauma over the past 8 months. Our dad lost his job in July, and one month later our mom died in August of 2017.

Dad did not take her passing well and his health began to go downhill fast. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor and cyst in February and had brain surgery to remove both in March. The surgery went well at first and dad was released but last week I called him and he was delusional and barely conscious so sent an ambulance to him. His blood sugar and sodium levels were off the charts. He was doing better and supposed to be released yesterday. Instead, his health went downhill instantly and he died in the hospital.

Both of our parents are dead now and with dad not having a job and neither having insurance. We have a huge burden of paying for his funeral and taking over all of our parents’ loans and belongings.

That is a tough pill to swallow for even we grizzled, haggard bastards and veterans of life’s lumps, much less for someone in her early 20s, suddenly strapped with a mortgage, burials, and taking care of her siblings. Youth brings resilience to be sure, but they’re not necessarily the most lucrative years of our lives either.

I’ve verified all of information set forth above, and ask you to consider throwing the Davis family a few bucks — That is, if you can spare it. Five dollars here and there would go a long way. If you can’t, I’m not going to guilt you either. I’ve been hungry before and know that even five or ten bucks can be too much. No pressure, seriously.

But, if you can, and would like to read more about Beans’ story and consider making a donation for one of our own, the GoFundMe page is here. (AOL browsers, copy and paste the following URL:

Thanks for reading, y’all. And Roll Tide, Beans