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RBR Question of the Day: How awkward is this going to be...

Josh Allen may want to back away from the keyboard

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Why yes, Ms. Webb McCarron is a stunner

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My beloved Buffalo Bills once again committed draft suicide last night, trading up not once but twice to draft a career 53.6% Mountain West quarterback with the most despicable advanced stats you’ve ever seen — put it this way, his ceiling is Ryan Mallett, while Jake Locker is the more probable fit-line.


But, while that was part of the story last night, it wasn’t nearly as much of one as it should have been. Instead, the story that dominated was one about Allen authoring a series of racially-charged tweets three years ago (“white is right,” etc.) Allen’s camp apologized for those, and he’s trying his best to do damage control — which apparently worked with the brass in Upstate New York, at least.

But, as the highly-scrutinized Allen prepares to enter Bills camp, he has another moment of Twitter diarrhea to account for — one that may perhaps be far worse for the locker room as he tries unseat the probable starter, former-Alabama star A.J. McCarron.

That’s going to leave a mark

The former Ms. Alabama is a stunner, no doubt. But, even as Allen deleted the racist tweets, for whatever reason he decided to leave these up. A.J. is known for his prickly nature, so you can not imagine it’s going to fly with him, especially when the brash Allen is already trying to take McCarron’s job — and at this stage of his life, probably McCarron’s playing career. Did he leave them up to signal to Webb that he’s DTF? Is he really just this stupid?

Who knows. But here’s the RBR Question of the Day:

So, how awkward is the Buffalo quarterback battle going to be between McCarron and Allen, after the latter very publicly drooled over A.J.’s wife?