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LISTEN: Rodney Orr sits down with San Mateo defensive coordinator, Tim Tulloch, to talk Tevita Musika

Get used to hearing his name: The mammoth DT is a potential force on the inside



For the second time in four years, Alabama has dipped into the College of San Mateo (CA) to go after help along the lines. Mario Cristobal cultivated that contact first, when he landed the athletic Dominick Jackson as a must-play right tackle. Now, with Alabama’s Tosh Lupoi still working the West Coast beat, the Tide was able to garner the commitment of mammoth defensive tackle Tevita Musika — that story is here.

Over the holiday weekend, Tider Insider’s Rodney Orr was able to grab a few minutes with Tim Tulloch, the defensive coordinator for San Mateo, about the pickup.

Give his Smashmouth Radio piece a listen below, and find out more about this exciting addition to Alabama’s defensive line: