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WATCH: What’s up, LeBron? Saban heads back to the barbershop for another episode

It has a new name, but the concept is the same.

CFP National Championship presented by AT&T - Alabama v Georgia

Business in the front, ownage in the rear

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The increasingly silly fracas between LeBron James and Nick Saban is about to enter a new round.

As we said yesterday on the Twitters, the concept isn’t unusual, much less worthy of copyright protection. Besides being a staple of the Black community, shooting-the-sheeeeit at barbershops has a long, venerable tradition on screen: From Andy Griffith getting real with Floyd the Barber in Mayberry, to the Brooklyn quartet in Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America”, to Ice Cube’s series of feature films called — fittingly — “Barberbershop”, to even Fox Sports One’s series of just a few years ago featuring sports talk at the barbershop, it’s not exactly a novel concept.

The dirty secret here is that while there may be a few hurt feelings, both sides have to be pleased with the bevy of free publicity they’re getting for their projects. Sportswriters over America are pumping the feud hard, and as a result, the content wins. For Alabama, that means recruiting wins.

And, we’re no different pushing the Bammer Agenda, as #dank #content creators ourselves.

So, Nick Saban and company headed back to the barbershop yesterday for Episode Two, although it has been rebranded from “Shop Talk” to “Bama Cuts” (sounds like a place to get your ‘Bama Bangs immaculately coiffured, IYAM.)

Watch at your leisure. Or, if you’re pressed for time, here are the highlights.