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Soft defenders beware: Collin Sexton is moving on to the NBA

The decision is not a surprise, but we did fall in love with him in just 35 games.

Coming to an arena near you, Young Bull.

Despite the good reasons to stay at the Capstone, Freshman All-American PG and SEC Newcomer of the Year, Collin Sexton, has decided to take his talents to the NBA, ahead of the April 22 filing deadline for the NBA Draft.

Sexton has still been attending classes, leading some to the faint hope that our one year with the superstar could manifest into two in order to take advantage of poor 2019 Draft class. That was not to be.

Sexton is reportedly not returning, even if he is not drafted (pfffft, like that’s going to happen.) However, should he change his mind or have a bad Combine showing and decide that he’s not going to settle for a poorer-than-expected draft grade, there are some options available to him:

Players have to apply to the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee for feedback about their draft stock by April 13 and must decide whether to enter the draft by April 22. The NBA’s deadline to withdrawal from the draft is June 11, but the NCAA requires athletes to submit a written statement announcing their decision to remove their name from the draft by 11:59 p.m. on May 30 (10 days after the end of the combine) in order to maintain their collegiate eligibility.

Ed. Note: The Combine begins on May 16 and concludes on May 20.

That option may be foreclosed, however, if Sexton does in fact hire an agent, as he announced was his intention this morning.

Thank you for all you’ve done to help rebuild Alabama Basketball, Young Bull. Go crush the combine and then represent Alabama well. We wish you all the best.

Have a great career and have a great life.

Roll Tide.

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