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RBR Question of the Day: The Faustian bargain

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What would you trade to get one back?

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The ground rules today are very simple:

  1. You have to give up one national championship earned in the last 30 years.
  2. In return, you get any game back, at any time, in Alabama football history.
  3. You must sacrifice one. This is a Faustian bargain.

Do you sacrifice the 2012 title to get back the 1973 Notre Dame collapse?

Do you take away the epic 2015 shootout so that this kick squibs harmlessly out of the end zone?

Maybe you’re willing to forgo the 2009 win over Texas, the first in school history, for this play to have never happened:

I know; these aren’t easy options. Each win is special. But, some wounds are too deep to ever heal. So, what do you sacrifice to make that pain go away?

What modern national title do you take away, and what game are you getting back?