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RBR Question of the Day: There are some overrated baseball movies out there

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With baseball winding down, let’s take stock of baseball movies

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As baseball is drawing to a close, with just two games left, let’s talk about films revolving around America’s game

Perhaps no sport has produced the number and variety of movies that baseball has. Baseball movies truly run the gauntlet: from the scandals (Eight Men Out), to the dramatic (The Natural), to the slapstick (Bad News Bears, Major League), Steel Magnolias for Boys (Field of Dreams), the inspirational (42), and even to the rom-coms (Bull Durham.)

There have been a lot of very good baseball films. This, unfortunately, spawns the corollary — there have also a lot of allegedly good baseball movies that just personally don’t resonate.

For my money, Field of Dreams is the most overwrought two hours of wasted money, irresponsible decision-making, and daddy issues that you’ll find this side of a Des Moines strip club.

U.S. Bennett nailed it.


So, today’s question is:

What is the most overrated baseball movie, and why do you dislike it?