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Daily Social: A Gump Day appreciation of the ridiculously athletic Jaylen Waddle

Percy Harvin meets Tyrone Prothro. And we’re not remotely kidding.

Alabama’s 2018 NSD class didn’t target many receivers. Really, why would it have with the returning sophomore troika of Henry Ruggs III, Devonta Smith, and Jerry Jeudy? With emerging players like Tyrell Shavers starting to make an impact in practice?

There was one particular must-have on the recruiting bucket list, however, and that player was Jaylen Waddle. If anyone in this offensive class screams “immediate superstar” it is Waddle — he’s been rightly called Percy Harvin 2.0. We even committed minor blasphemy, calling the 5’10” wideout “the most natural playmaker since Tyrone Prothro”:

...the word “dynamic” doesn’t do justice to how versatile and explosive Jaylen is. Despite rolling into 2018 with an excellent corps of young wideouts, there will be snaps for Waddle. He has the look of a natural playmaker, one as natural as former Alabama-great Tyrone Prothro. (No pressure, kid!)

So, today’s discussion gives you the opportunity to gaze in awe at the absurd athleticism and skill set that Waddle possesses, and why we think his will be a household name a year from now.

This thread from Evil Greg Byrne nicely captures some of Jaylen’s better moments.

Happy Gump Day!