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RBR Question of the Day: And the best dressed is...

Name a better uniform than the all-white stormtrooper look

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Make this is a football helmet, and I’m in.

Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

Alabama’s road uniforms have always been my favorite.

Crimson is a lovely color and everything, but there’s something satisfyingly workman-like about the all-whites thrown together with a red helmet and black cleats. It’s very much the piecemeal uniform of a program who grabbed the first clean thing out of the dryer and hit the bus: There are beatings to be dished out.

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Ain’t nobody got time to coordinate separates.

Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Maybe that bias comes from growing up with the original Star Wars films: The imperial stormtroopers had the best bad guy uniforms in the business. Where we normally reserve black unto the villains, there is little that can compare to the OGs with the piss-poor aim: ominous serried ranks of anonymous tormentors, faces downturned in incipient violence, radiating menace...and that menace made even more manifest by the gleaming white uniforms.

Roll Tide

It works for the Empire. It works for Alabama.

And, it certainly works for what I think is one of the best uniforms in all of sports — the Texas Longhorns road whites:


Classic, clean, immediately identifiable, matching accents from the sneakers to the ubiquitous logo, collegiate block alphabet and numerals. Timeless: It is everything a uniform should be.

There are others who do this look, to be sure. Texas A&M, who had a maroon/white road scheme similar to Alabama’s, went back to the Bear ‘era all-white throwbacks. Oregon, after decades of toying with its clashing colors, just threw up their hands and adopted all-whites with silver wings on the shoulders. Boise State, the long-time beneficiary of color scheme, added all-whites for a third uniform. Even little ole’ Mizzou got in on the act.

Admit it, that’s a lot better, right?

Again, I am biased. And this is my personal preference: white is the best uniform, and Texas does it better than anyone.

So, your question of the day is:

Outside of Alabama (of course), what is the best uniform in college football?

Feel free to embed photos or gifs below. Show your work.