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Jumbo Package: Tide, Tigers, Aggies unite against NCAA “doo doo”

Saban channeled his inner first-grader to lash out at the NCAA’s headset rule.

Okay, NCAA, we’ve had just about enough of your doo doo.

Of all the stupid Saban Rules that have come down the pipe the past decade, perhaps the dumbest is this newest form of weaponized administrative buffoonery. Beginning this season, only 20 headsets will be allowed on the sidelines and booths.

“I don’t know who is driving all this stuff, but to me it’s kind of like mouse manure when you’re up to your ears in elephant doo doo.”

He’s right, of course. With the systemic problems that college football faces, and with the incipient ones that will arise from legalized sports gambling, this is another short-sighted rule designed to attack one program but that will have far-reaching consequences that diminish the game.

Let’s fix the big shit, in other words.

He’s not alone in his criticism of the rule. Auburn’s Gus Malzahn had some strong words as well.

“The 20 headset rule is a joke,” Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn told reporters at SEC spring meetings Wednesday. “There’s no doubt about it. I think that’s got the ability to hurt our game. That’s a really big deal.”

The NCAA instituted a rule earlier this month that limits the number of headsets a team can have on the sideline to 20. Malzahn said it will greatly affect his team’s ability to communicate and chart plays throughout the game.

Good stuff from Malzahn at the link above as to how teams presently use those headsets to communicate, game plan, and chart. I suspect he’s right too.

(Must go take a hot shower now.)

It’s not just with silly headset limitations where Saban is finding unlikely allies. Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher joined Nick Saban in stridently opposing the NCAA’s myriad of bizarre transfer proposals:

“(Players transferring without sitting out a year) will be a zoo, as far as people going back and forth, and you can’t let it become that,” Fisher said Tuesday on the opening day of SEC spring meetings, per The Dallas Morning News’ Ben Baby. “People say there’s no penalties. There are penalties. There’s buyouts. There’s millions of dollars that go into that.”

Fisher continued: “Instead of learning to fight through the adversity and teach them how to deal with life, you’re going to say every time something don’t go right I can leave and go somewhere else.”

Saban’s primary concern revolves around a lack of discipline and the ease with which players can escape structure.”If a guy is missing class and I say you’re not going to play in this game because you’re missing class - which I’ve done on occasion - and he just says ‘I’m transferring,’ Is that good?” Saban said. “I don’t know.”

Well, he does know, and it is not good for the sport or for the students ultimately. Fisher may have understated how venal and chaotic this zoo will actually become.

I have been sounding this alarm for a solid year, and I’m not giving up either. The NCAA could not design a system more calculated to introduce corruption, bagmen, street agents, handlers, and SMU-type cheating if it tried.

We are rushing headlong towards calamity.

CFP President Bill Hancock obliterated one of UCF’s main talking points, that it wasn’t seriously considered for inclusion into the playoffs.

“Well, of course, they were (in consideration)...We did talk about Central Florida. The fact is when the committee is considering teams and considering their resume for the entire season, it is absolutely imperative that who they play will be a factor that is discussed. ...

”The schedule is a consideration. It has to be and will continue to be.”

You have to read the story for the final zinger he added. Bill’s got jokes, y’all.

How terrifying is this: former Hawaii coach June Jones has some exceptional praise for Tide commit Taulia Tagovailoa — a player that many believe can be even better than his big brother.

No pressure, kid:

“He has the instincts and the accuracy that the great ones have,” Jones says.

Jones was so intrigued about the possibility of working with Taulia that he phoned Kapolei High head coach Darren Hernandez, a longtime friend, about serving as the team’s offensive coordinator. He migrated into that role, replacing Galu, who was glad to finally be able to watch his children play rather than coach them.

Jones’ unique, pass-heavy play-calling jelled with Taulia’s playing style. Taulia threw for 3,919 yards as a sophomore—just 66 from the single-season state record. He once attempted 73 passes in a single game.

”I’m putting some pressure on him, but I really believe he can be a No. 1 draft pick by the time he gets done,” Jones says of Taulia. “Even though he’s probably only going to be 6’1” or 6’2”, he’s going to be a special player. ...

”And he’s going to keep getting better.”

This is a great long-form from ole’ Kegs n’ Eggs, Adam Kramer, himself. Worth your lunch hour.

CBS has begun to block out games for the fall. And, Alabama fans can rejoice. So far the Tide has not been tabbed for a murderous early season four-hour 2:30 hellscape. Though the network has promised (threatened?) that Alabama will be part of the fall lineup:

Other SEC ON CBS games announced today include:

Georgia visiting South Carolina on Sept. 8.

Auburn hosting LSU on Sept. 15.

Florida vs. Georgia in their annual rivalry game on Oct. 27.

”SEC on CBS” tabbed LSU at Auburn over Alabama at Ole Miss.

Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug.

Alabama Golf went splat all over the metaphorical glass at Karsten Creek in yesterday’s NCAA Championships. This wasn’t a case like Arizona with the women, where questionable matchups led to an upset. This was a much more talented team of destiny, on a course where they know every blade of grass, laying an absolute whooping on an overachieving ‘Bama squad. For instance, Alabama’s exception senior Jonathan Hardee was down seven holes after playing the front nine. At one point, there was not a Tide golfer who was not down by at least three holes.

Still, congratulations to the men. This was very much a team that exceeded expectations and came up just short. Still, Oklahoma State really was just that much better, and no amount of playing over their heads was going to secure a ‘Bama victory yesterday. This match could have been played on Mars and the outcome would have remained the same. Congrats to the Pokes. That was impressive.

Is this what it feels like to be Vandy football fan? Oh, god...

Roll Tide anyway.

We’ll have a hoops piece for you later this afternoon (or early tomorrow -- I’m 50/50 on the time, TBH). We also have a RBR film room breakdown coming tomorrow morning as well. Have a great day and go forth to evil.