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Oregon State allegedly tampered with Hawaii players — and it will only get worse

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Transparency measures must be in place before the NCAA adopts transfer reform

If you show this beaver to an LSU fan, they will start making a roux for it. #GoodEatin

For the several years, the issue of transfer reform has been raised by commentators, the media, advocates of student-athletes, the NCAA itself, and others who want to see a system that has a bit more equity than the present model.

As we draw closer to meaningful reform, the more proposals and tweaks are being tossed out by various committees. But, one of the main issues that has always faced transfer reform is player tampering and the encouragement of a de facto free agency (one the NCAA is headlong rushing to create, for whatever reason).

Alabama fans have some suspicions regarding a certain Georgia coach. Rumors have long-flown about Gary Patterson’s practices. Auburn’s transfer pipeline has been oft-questioned. Coaches want transparency in the process -- they want to be able to know who’s contacting their players and then the ability to grant permission for others to contact players — you know, the same thing that occurs in restricted free agency.

As the proposal to grant a fifth-year to transfers is winding its way through various committees for a June vote, we have some early evidence of what schools can expect to see going forward despite the already-existing tampering rules.

It’s going to be a mess. Although, it is to be hoped that most teams won’t be quite as ham-fisted as Oregon State apparently was.

It seems the only way to curtail tampering will be the transparency measures the coaches want to put in place. Or is there another way?

Props to Coach Rolovich for calling this out very publicly, but just as importantly for that hashtag that will make your inner 12-year old giggle.