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Alabama Releases Football Coaches Salaries

Two will be making north of $1 Million

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Tosh Lupoi: a sound investment.
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Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys. Make them football coaches.

On Monday, the University of Alabama approved the contracts for the Crimson Tide football staff. Below are the annual rates for each coach.


  • Offensive coordinator Mike Locksley $1.2 million, doubled up from $600,000.
  • Defensive coordinator Tosh Lupoi, from a salary of $950,000 to $1.1 million.

Both new coordinator contracts will expire Feb. 28, 2021. These salaries are more than that of South Florida head coach Charlie Strong and many other non-P5 coaches.


  • Offensive line coach Brent Key, up from $400,000 to $490,000.
  • Running backs coach Joe Pannunzio, from $375,000 to $425,000.


  • Defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski - $750,000, 2 years.
  • Inside linebackers coach Pete Golding - $650,000, 3 years.
  • Wide receivers coach Josh Gattis - $525,000, 2 years.
  • Defensive backs coach Karl Scott - $350,000, 2 years.
  • Tight end/Special teams coach Jeff Banks - $267,552, 3 years - Alabama AD Greg Byrne announced during a Monday conference call that UA is “still working on” his buyout at Texas A&M, but it will not exceed $457,448. Banks will earn $267,000 in his first year, and then after Jan. 11, 2019 through Feb. 28, 2021, he will have a salary of $550,000.
  • Quarterback coach Dan Enos has an interesting 3 year deal. He will earn $200,000 in year one. It will increase to $250,000 in the second year and then will receive a major bump to $875,000 in year three. That is quite an incentive to stick around for the life of the contract. For the Tide, perhaps they see him as a future OC?


  • Strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran saw his pay increase from $535,000 to $585,000 per year in a contract that will span the next three seasons. (More than Terry Bowden makes to coach Akron.)
  • Head athletic trainer and new celebrity Jeff Allen will make $225,000 per year for the next three years.