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Jumbo Package: Fancy a bowl trip to Myrtle Beach?

Bowl game expansion is on the horizon.

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Myrtle Beach? Why don’t we get the good spots like Vegas?

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Want a low-key affordable winter vacation or bachelor party destination? Might we suggest the Myrtle Beach Bowl? That possibility is about to become a reality:

Chicago and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, are “near locks” to be host cities for two of the new bowl games.

The Chicago Bowl will reportedly be played at Wrigley Field and feature a Big Ten vs. ACC matchup, while the Myrtle Beach game is expected to have conference tie-ins with either Conference USA, the Sun Belt or the Mid-American Conference.

The third bowl reportedly remains a mystery, with Tempe, Arizona; Charleston, South Carolina; and Greenville, South Carolina, all possibilities based on past interest in hosting a game, according to McMurphy.

The Tempe game would seem to be the most promising for SEC fans. It is rumored to (finally) pit the SEC and PAC 12 in a bowl matchup. That it’s not happened yet is a bit of a mystery. There are nine guaranteed SEC bowl slots and 43 bowl games already, and we’ve not found a way to tie these two conferences in? Pfffffft. Make that happen.

As for the Chicago Bowl? That will be almost-certainly be unwatchable filth as .500 Wake Forest slogs around with Maryland or Indiana on an outdoor playing surface that is a menace to life and limb. In January.

The week is finally upon us: The NCAA is going to take up transfer legislation today. The camps are fiercely divided; even among those who want to see change, no one quite knows how to get there. In the end, everyone will probably walk away disappointed. And that will either be spun as good old fashioned politics or the signs of a broken system. Your mileage will vary.

Here’s a look at the Alabama recruits going to the Opening, Nike’s creme de la creme gathering of the nation’s elite talent. Of Alabama’s 15 commits to-date, six were slated to appear at the Opening, with Hellams adding a seventh. presented their 72nd Annual Preseason All-SEC offense. I’m not sure the internet has been around that long, but we’ll give them a flyer.

I’ll bet you wondering who the quarterback selection is, aren’t you?

USA women’s golf dominated the Curtis Cup over the weekend, 8-and-0 over Ireland and Great Britain combined. Two Crimson Tide golfers, Kristen Gillman and Lauren Stephenson, represented their nation and Alabama well. Better news? They’re both returning next year to Alabama’s program. #GolfSchool

247 has begun their preliminary breakdown of Alabama’s 2018 opponents. The game against Ooo La La may not be very appealing on paper, but there are some interesting backstories here.

Nick Saban will face three former assistant coaches during the Crimson Tide’s 2018 regular season, including two of them in back-to-back games in Week 4 and 5. And the second of those will pit the 12th-year Alabama head coach with first-year Louisiana-Lafayette head coach Billy Napier, who was named the 26th head coach in Ragin’ Cajuns history in December.

Admit it: you’re looking forward to watching Nick Saban pick his teeth with the bones of another former assistant, aren’t you? It’s one of the best streaks in all of college football. Experience and treachery trump youth and energy every time.

Here are the six new coaches that will take the field this year in the SEC. Try and spin it as you will, but it’s hard to see where’s there’s been an upgrade at many places. It’s not a coincidence that the SEC’s slide began at the top. Losing Spurrier, Miles, Pinkel, Freeze, etc. and replacing them with Muschamp, Odom, Luke, and Orgeron is hardly setting up a murderer’s row.

It appears as though Alabama’s crack McGuyver equipment team has invented...a water hose. DISRUPT THE INDUSTRY!