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BREAKING NEWS: The NCAA Stuns the World By Doing Something Useful

Very important legislation passed.

NCAA Football: Alabama A-Day
The redshirt was taken off tight end Kedrick James after the injury to Miller Forristall.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that shocked the world, the NCAA bowed to common sense on Wednesday and passed the redshirt rule that allows players to play up to four games in a season and still be able to redshirt. Even better, the rule will begin with this season. The rule is not retroactive to players who may have taken a few snaps here or there in the past few years.

In the case of freshman Bama tight end Kedrick James, the plan was for him to redshirt the 2017 season. However when Miller Forristall was lost for the season, he was put into play. He participated in games with Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mercer. If this rule had been in play, James certainly would have sat one of those five blowout games and would have still been able to redshirt.

It is not the apocalypse but make sure you have your fallout shelter fully stocked just in case.