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Collin Sexton Drafted Number 8 in NBA Draft by the Cavaliers

Former Alabama guard is a Lottery Pick.

Former Crimson Tide guard Collin Sexton was selected number 8 overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018 NBA Draft Thursday evening. Coach Avery Johnson was at the draft with Sexton’s family to congratulate the “Young Bull”.

Sexton had his trademark smile across his face and looks so happy.

NBA writers across the nation are furiously writing articles to save for a few years from now. It will carry a title such as “Stupidest Draft Moves By the Atlanta Hawks”. Number one will be the 2018 Draft in which the Hawks picked future All-Star Luka Doncic with the third pick and shipped him off to Dallas AND THEN picked the vastly overrated Trae Young at number five. It’s so funny how everyone wants to compare short players to Steph Curry. There is no other Steph Curry. Sorry.

Every analysts including Jay Bilas had Sexton rated higher than Young who showed up in short pants and no socks to go with his tuxedo jacket and tie.

Sexton has long been a target of the Cavs and the Cleveland press. With the uncertainty of LeBron James’ future, Cleveland needs a beaming star to lead the team and keep fans excited about the club. This pick might help keep James in wine red and gold.