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Calvin Ridley Introduces Himself to Atlanta

Former Alabama star WR is making the rounds in the ATL

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Say what you will about PatLost-My-Pants-In-The-LakeDye, his son in doing a heck of a job as agent to new Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley. While one Falcons receiver is getting some bad press, the Atlanta rookie is making many fast friends and fans. Super-agent Pat Dye Jr. is putting the former Alabama star out in front of the people of Atlanta.

Ridley was a bit shy and reserved during his time at the Capstone, but has embraced the celebrity that goes with being a first round pick in the friendly confines of the ATL.

The Atlanta United soccer team has a tradition of hammering a golden spike before each game. For each match, a person is chosen to wield the hammer as the fans chant “A-T-L” with each swing. Ridley was the one chosen for Sunday’s match.

A few weeks earlier, he was honored with chopping the big Tomahawk to begin an Atlanta Braves game.

It is good to see Ridley come out of his shell and have a little fun.