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RBR Question of the Day: Taking the Tide with you

Would you? Could you?

You could be “rolling” in your grave, amirite?

Never let it be said that Bill Battle’s monstrosity, the Collegiate Licensing Company, doesn’t have a knack for both knowing its audience and then squeezing every last penny out of the marke:

From cradle...

to the grave.

We often say that we “live for Alabama football.” And, for many, that’s a true statement. But, are you willing to go to your final reward tucked inside a Crimson Tide-branded casket? Does the Script A urn lend sufficient gravitas and solemnity to a life that has now passed? Are these the memories we leave our loved ones with?

To be very clear: I’m not judging anyone who makes this final decision for themselves or for a loved one. But, when the rubber meets the road, just how much of a fan are you?

So, your RBR Question of the Day:

Are you a big enough fan to go to your grave in an Alabama coffin or urn?

Roll damn graveworm