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Jumbo Package: Media Days and NFL Rosters

What else is there to talk about in July?

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Alabama vs Clemson Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Best in College Sports: Ohio State beats out Alabama to take home the 2017-18 award

Alabama (492.25) finished second, while Oklahoma checked in third (477.50). The Crimson Tide won the College Football Playoff to claim the national title in football and made the NCAA Tournament in men’s basketball, but they fell short in women’s basketball and the two wild card sports. The Sooners made the CFP and won a national title in men’s gymnastics, both both basketball teams fell short of what Ohio State accomplished.

CBS is not properly gumping. Their “formula” is definitely a little suspect, and hurts Alabama by forcing them to include the women’s basketball team over sports like gymnastics, men’s and women’s golf, softball, etc. that would have boosted the Tide’s score.

Georgia football ‘right there’ with Alabama at the top, says Hall of Famer Frank Beamer

The 71-year-old Virginia Tech coaching legend remains dialed in to the college football landscape, and he believes Kirby Smart has the Bulldogs on track to ultimately return to the national title game.

“I was having dinner with Nick (Saban) the other night, and I said with as many good programs as there are and scholarship limitations, I never thought any one team would dominate the way they have the last few years,” Beamer said. “I give Nick and Alabama a lot of credit, but I think Georgia is on it’s way, too.

“I think they are right there. When you get into a game, and a play, or three or four plays turn it around, I think they are right here.”

From my earliest days of watching college football, I’ve always loved Frank and his “Beamerball” teams. But, it looks like retirement isn’t sitting well for him. Now he’s out there trying to make particularly un-gumpy claims about Georgia being “right there” and all that. Seems like he’s lost a bit of his edge.

Tide in the NFL: 59 Alabama players to report to training camps

The Baltimore Ravens’ rookies were first to report to training camp today, so Anthony Averett and Bradley Bozeman were the first of 59 former Alabama players in the NFL on the field. In total, 17 Crimson Tide rookies, including the team- and SEC-record 12 draft picks, will take part in training camps by July 27 when every player in the league is scheduled to report, and once again, Alabama is well-represented across the NFL as the 2018-19 season inches ever closer.

This offseason, only three teams, Carolina, Cleveland and Minnesota, won’t have an Alabama player on its active roster, while Baltimore, Jacksonville and Washington have five each.

There will be moves made prior to and during the preseason as teams trim their locker rooms down to 53, but until then, BamaOnLine breaks down the former Crimson Tide players currently listed on active rosters as training camps begin popping up across the NFL.

I don’t feel like typing out a list, so check out 247 if you want to see all the Tide players active in the NFL.

59 players in training camps is nothing short of incredible. A good chunk of those aren’t fringe camp players either, but fairly entrenched contributors, starters, and a smattering of superstars like Julio Jones, Landon Collins, and Derrick Henry.

Hear that, recruits? Come to Alabama if you want to be a professional football player.

Damien Harris, 2 other veterans to rep Alabama at SEC Media Days

Like last year, it will be two offensive players and one defensive player representing Alabama at SEC Media Days.

This year’s group, which was announced Wednesday, will consist of senior running back Damien Harris, redshirt senior offensive lineman Ross Pierschbacher and redshirt junior outside linebacker Anfernee Jennings.

The Crimson Tide contingent of Nick Saban and the three players will speak to the media next Wednesday beginning at 12:30 ET, which will be day three of this four-day event that will be held in Atlanta.

We’ll have much more in the way of SEC Media Days later, but for now, here’s the list of Tide players attending and the date/time. Damien Harris was as close of a lock as you could get to be a player representing the Tide. A mulit-year starter and a senior with a reputation of being thoughtful and responsive with the media, you’d have been a fool to not pick him.

Ross Pierschbacher is a 5th year senior and multi-year starter as well. Anfernee Jennings, however, was a little bit of a surprise. He’s not a guy that we’ve often heard as being a “team leader”, nor has he really had a prominent starting role. But, the defense has little in the way of long-tenured seniors. I would have thought Christian Miller would have been at the top of the list.

But, Jennings is also a guy who’s been in the program 4 years now, and has dealt with overcoming low recruiting rankings and injuries and is still sitting at the top of the depth chart. With the sudden loss of Terrell Lewis to an ACL injury, he’s now in the driver’s seat to have a breakout season for himself.