Best BBQ in every county in Alabama

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I know it's but this should keep everyone busy for awhile during the slow weekend after holiday keep Loki at bay off-season

Alabama loves barbecue almost as much as it does football. And just like football, we have much to be proud of when it comes to our barbecue, whether it's pork or chicken or ribs or, yes, even brisket. In fact, we'll put our barbecue up against any of that from Texas or the Carolinas, Memphis or Kansas City. And to prove it, we embarked on a fun but challenging mission to find the best barbecue in every county in Alabama. All 67 of them. We've included not just barbecue restaurants but also food trucks, festivals and fundraisers -- anywhere you go to get great 'cue. So now that we've helped you work up an appetite, please continue reading to see how many of your favorites made our list of The Best Barbecue in Every County in Alabama. -- Bob Carlton

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