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Jumbo Package: The best of Eli Gold and Chance Warmack cashes in

Happy Friday!

NFL: Super Bowl LII Opening Night Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, everyone. Let’s kick off the weekend with some good, quality Gump.

Alabama’s next great pass rusher? Meet Eyabi Anoma

“What a blessing it is,” one former Alabama staffer said. “With Terrell Lewis being hurt, you’re losing one of the best in the country, but you have one of the most talented freshman pass rushers in the last probably five years coming in.”

Anoma is 6-foot-5, up to about 260 pounds with some help from Scott Cochran and ran a 4.5 40 during the spring back when he was in the 240s. But it’s that pass-rushing ability in particular that has Saban and his staff so excited.

Anoma was in the top 3 recruits in the country in this class for a reason. Namely: that 4.5 forty as a pass-rusher. Athletically and positional value-wise, he’s the type of player that, if he produces to match his potential, will be in the discussion for a #1 overall draft pick— in the same light as Jadeveon Clowney and Myles Garrett in recent years. The NFL LOVES a freakishly fast rush end.

Meanwhile, is over here comparing him to Derrick Thomas already. The bar is being set nearly unreachably high already for him, so if he does manage to achieve it, he really will be working his way in to legend status conversations.

Former Alabama lineman Chance Warmack makes NFL history by collecting loss-of-value insurance policy

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Warmack is the first player to collect on the loss-of-value insurance policy after having the foresight to take out the policy early in his professional career. After entering the league as a first-round selection, Warmack’s career has failed to live up to its full potential after battling thru injuries during his professional career.

Warmack’s policy was set to kick in if his second NFL contract was for less than $20 million. Warmack signed a $1.5 million deal with the Eagles this offseason, obviously well short of what his policy required. The Eagles lineman is now set to be paid $3 million via his loss-of-value insurance policy.

Brilliant. I haven’t heard this one before. It’s even better than that one time Peyton Manning insured his arm. Pretty much every NFL draftee probably needs to at least try to get this insurance. I’m sure the payout/prices wouldn’t be anywhere near as good for lower draftpicks, but I’d imagine the insurance companies would be willing to bet on top-15 picks.

At Least Alabama Coach Nick Saban Knows College Football Playoff Has Issues

You knew this was coming. You knew after university presidents lost their minds six years ago by agreeing to bring a playoff system involving four teams to college football that it wouldn’t end there. You knew The Powers That Be in the sport would scream for more playoff games, and then for more playoff games.

Eight teams instead of four.

Twelve teams instead of eight.

During the Big Ten Media Days this week in Chicago, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh even advocated for NCAA presidents to expand the college football postseason beyond all of that.

Forbes lays out a pretty good argument here for not expanding the playoffs. This is a subject we’ve discussed here over and over and over and over and over again. It’s a dead horse that’s been beaten nearly as much as Jalen vs. Tua around here.

Bill Connelly has his Louisville preview ready for your consumption:

Louisville has ...

A four-star sophomore quarterback (Jawon Pass) who completed 70 percent in limited action last year and fills the “pocket passer” niche that Petrino has thrived with in the past.

Last year’s top three receivers, each of whom averaged at least 9.1 yards per target with at least a 50 percent success rate in 2017.

A trio of running backs (Dae Williams, Trey Smith, Colin Wilson) who combined to average 6.6 yards per carry in backup roles. Each is at least 6’ and 220 pounds.

Four returning starters, who have combined for 77 career starts, on an offensive line that appeared to do its job better than the year before.

A new defensive coordinator. The last one (Peter Sirmon) very much did not take.

Granted, the new coordinator is the frequently recycled Brian VanGorder, who hasn’t really been a part of an improving defense in this decade. But we’re trying to be positive here.

Hey, if Pass is ready to be The Man in their offense, the inexperienced Alabama secondary could give up some plays. As stated, he is more of a pocket passer than Lamar Jackson, but he’s huge at 6’4” and 230 lbs. and still has plenty of mobility. Louisville’s defense is likely to have a long day, though.

Check this out: Big Pooh’s got game.

Break them ankles, Isaiah. Mack Wilson is pretty funny in the background, seems resigned to the fact that Buggs ain’t passing the ball.

Finally, we’ll start your weekend off right with this video of Eli Gold’s top-five calls in his broadcasting career. I won’t spoil the video for you, but it’s definitely worth 10 minutes of your time to get chill bumps on your arms.

Have a great weekend everyone, and Roll Tide