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Johnny Manziel blames AJ McCarron for Manning Passing Camp dismissal

The mercurial QB recalls getting sent home from the event in 2013.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Practice & Media Availability Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Say what you will about Johnny Manziel, but he’s never afraid to speak his mind. Back in 2013, he was infamously dismissed from the Manning Passing Academy event that Jalen Hurts has attended for the past two seasons. It was reported that he was kicked out because he stayed out all night partying and never made it back to his dorm room, which he calls a “bunch of bullsh*t” that he blames on AJ McCarron for promulgating.

He recently discussed the events on a Barstool Sports podcast. From The Spun:

“They take you for events, and you get a chance to go around the town and see it. They had a party for us one day, and we’re on the bus going back to a bar there. We get there, and I made a joke about how far is New Orleans, something like that, we’ll get a party bus. I don’t know if one of the counselors heard this and took it ultra-seriously. Nevertheless, we go throughout the night.

“We head back to the dorms around 1:30, 2 in the morning…I get back to the room, and A.J.’s not there. I wake up the next day, I reach over to grab my phone, my charger had come out of the wall and my phone had died. I wake up in a panic, A.J.’s not there. I get in the meeting and apologize, and about 10-20 minutes later my mom walks in and goes ‘You’re going home.’”

“What I was told was A.J. essentially went and told them the next day that he was in the room, that everything was good, that he didn’t see me and I never came back to the room that night,” Manziel said. “I absolutely 100 million percent stayed in that dorm room that night.”

So, basically, Manziel claims that McCarron stayed out all night partying and he took the blame. Perhaps one of these days Johnny’s luck will turn around.