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And the winner...

of the 2018 Preseason Haiku competition is...

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After 168 total entries, two rounds, and about 1500 votes across various platforms, we have a winner for the 2018 RBR Preseason Haiku Competition. This year’s contest focused on the quarterback battle/Alabama’s passing game.

But, first, the runners-up:

Second Runners-Up (Tie):

Proud Gump “My Shot”

Tua, gunslinger.

Ugga’s dreams, like Ole Yeller,

One shot, put to rest.

Hangover 123 “Untitled 8”

Cut them both in half

Then fuse the two together:

Cyborg quarterback


Law Abiding Citizen “Vision”

Jalen looks to right.

The safety bites, Smith runs free.

Nah mang. Not open.

Grand Prize Winner:

ClintDEsq “My Thoughts...”

Play call: Seattle.

Jalen: No way I throw deep.

Tua: Hold my beer.

And this year’s winning entry for the discretionary Editor’s prize goes to...RaulTyde.

Why? Because it’s discretionary, that’s why:

Raul Tyde “Untitled 5”

Reading all comments

Fingers count the syllables.

Too long, did not read

A warm round of applause to Clint and the runners-up, and a tip o’ the tam o’ shanter to Raul Tyde for making me laugh (as did many of you.) ClintESQ and RaulTyde, please email me with a mailing address.

We have another lovely and much, much bigger contest for you in a few weeks. Keep your eyes out and thanks for being awesome.