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Join RBR’s College Football Pick ‘Em Contest: Do we have some loot for you

Prizes await the worthy winners. Prove you’re worth of them.

We’ve made it!

With all due respect to UMass, Hawaii, Colorado State, Wyoming and New Mexico State, College Football’s regular season starts tomorrow.

And, with its arrival, so too comes the smack-talking, valuable self-esteem, and reproductive opportunities that you can only enjoy by winning our 11th annual College Football Pick ‘Em Contest.

We also have some loot for three deserving winners.


Create your Yahoo Fantasy profile (or sign in,) then go to the following link: (or copy and paste

Group Name: Roll ‘Bama Roll 2K18

When queried to “join a group” enter the following information:

Group ID#: 10452

Group Password 18in18rtr

That’s it.

All you have to do then is select your teams.

The first games get under way Thursday (IIRC). I’ve also set up the picks to be due 5 minutes before the first week’s game (usually Wed. or Thurs.) We all have bad weeks, get busy, forget etc., so you will get to drop your lowest one-week of the 12-week season.

See League Rules on the Yahoo page or below for scoring details.


This year we have three prizes.

The Grand Prize winner shall receive a Nike licensed game day Number 13 jersey suitable for framing or as part of your ‘Bama collection. I assure you, that number was chosen randomly and not at all in connection with a certain Heisman-favored Hawaiian and Alabama hero. /Wink.

The first runner-up shall receive a gorgeous vintage drab/BDU licensed ‘47 ‘Bama Salute: Operation Hat Trick hat. All proceeds from this item went to the support of service members wounded in service to our country. (Roll Tide, and thank you all.)

The second runner-up shall receive a licensed Script-A cell-phone wallet sleeve.

I take awful cell phone photos (except of food or my ridiculously photogenic hound,) but you know what a jersey looks like.

So here’s what the hat looks like:

NOTE: The front is more drab than white. It’s BDU beige.

These prizes merely await you to prove you’re worthy of them.


1. No purchase necessary to win. Contest is open to all readers.

2. Participation is open to editors, writers, contributors and staff of SB Nation/Roll ‘Bama Roll.

3. Contest grand prize has a retail value not exceeding $60.00 (fifty and no/100 dollars) USD. The runner-up prize has a retail value not exceeding $30.00 (thirty and no/100 dollars) USD. The second-runner up prize has a retail value not exceeding $15.00 (fifteen and no/100 dollars) USD. Such winnings may be taxable. It is up to you to report all winnings to appropriate taxation authorities. Airwreck ain’t a tax lawyer, y’all.

4. RBR/SBN assumes no liability for participation herein, and expressly does not make any warranties regarding the contest or prize, whether express or implied. All warranties disclaimed.

5. Participation is governed by the terms of service set forth by Vox/SBN, Roll ‘Bama Roll, and Yahoo! Sports.

6. Pick selections, winners, and tiebreakers are scored per Yahoo’s modified setting as follows:

  • Confidence: Points No
  • Spread: Yes
  • Tiebreakers: Yes
  • Start Week: 1
  • Drop Scores: Yes, Drop Lowest Week
  • Deadline: 5 minutes before first game of the Week
  • Games To Include: Use Yahoo default, Top 25, and SEC conference games

7. Your participation signifies you have read the above and forgoing rules and agree to the terms and conditions.

That’s it. Space is limited, so hurry: Sign up, go forth, pick, enjoy.

And may the Gump forever be in your favor.