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Nick Saban’s First Alabama Football Press Conference of the Fall

Very pleased.

Nick Saban had his first press conference of the fall to recap the first day of camp.

You can see the whole presser in the video below but here are some highlights:

  • “...Very pleased with practice...”
  • Eyabi Anoma (hurt his jaw) and Nigel Knott (?) were in black jerseys. Terrell Lewis is the only one held out of practice.
  • “...Need Markail Benton to mature and develop...”
  • “I like all three young players that we have: Patrick (Surtain), Josh Jobe, Jalyn Armour-Davis. Those guys all are really what we’re looking for at that position.”
  • Matt Womack is in the mix at RT. Jedrick Wills could play guard.
  • Regarding the new kickoff rule, Saban thinks the rule takes some strategy out of the game. Says move the kickoff back to the 40. More kicks would go out of the end zone but brings back the strategy.
  • Saban was wisely NOT asked about Urban Meyer.

(The audio on the Tweet below does not come in until 1:45)