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Roll Bama Roll Community Guidelines Refresher

Do we REALLY have to have this conversation?

There’s been a little confusion lately as to what’s allowed and what’s not within our quaint little community at Roll Bama Roll. That, along with the addition of many new members with the start of the season just around the corner, are what is prompting this post. There are specific rules that we moderators enforce to adhere to SBNation guidelines, and then there are the case-by-case comment deletes and bans that we hand out subjectively.

The former can be found by clicking “Community Guidelines” in the “About” tab at the top of the homepage. I won’t list them all. Read for yourself, then make sure you don’t break them. The latter is at the discretion of Erik, Josh, CB969, and I. If you’re just being a horrible human, you get banned for 3 days. Do it again, and you’re going to be sent packing to live out the rest of your life in a Barn.

Here’s our original guidelines, in one quick snippet:

This is an Alabama blog for Alabama fans, but we talk about all kinds of stuff from football, basketball, baseball in general to the music and movies we like, the SEC, and NCAA in general, so you’re welcome to do the same.

Rival fans are welcome, but in everything you comment on or post, remember, the anonymity of the internet does not give you license to be a horrible human. There are a lot of different people that root for the Tide, and therefor a lot of different people are reading this blog. Any sort of racist/ sexist/ homophobic/ just plain hateful comments will be deleted immediately, and you are likely to be banned.


NOTE: If you act a fool on other sites which results in a ban, you may be banned at RBR. Play nice.

Free speech is welcome here. We are not a #NoPolitics site, and I’m not going to delete you for bringing it up. Community is fostered with discussion, and that is something I encourage. Angry, hateful language and personal attacks, however (which so often are unable to be separated from politics when posting online), will result in disciplinary action.

Same goes for similar hot topics like religion, QB controversies, and Auburn fans. You’re welcome and even encouraged to discuss with them, but even a hint of incivility or trolling, and you’re gone.

We also encourage everyone to flag comments that you feel are a violation of site rules, and even to send me an email at We get busy and don’t always see every single comment until maybe later that day, after the damage has been done. Notifications are helpful.

Also, .gifs and images are always welcome, but nudity is not. That includes semi-nudity and bouncing boob and booty .gifs. This just isn’t the place.

So, be civil. Exercise your ability to discuss and debate with like- and opposite-minded folks with fellow Alabama fans. But don’t be a jerk. If you have to question whether or not what you’re about to post might get you banned, then you probably shouldn’t post it.

Feel free to ask questions. I’ll do my best to answer anything you have.

In the meantime, we’re only weeks away from Alabama football. I know the offseason is hard, but you’re nearly there. Hold it together for just a little longer. I know you can.

Roll Tide!