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WATCH: ESPN All-Access with Nick Saban

The network followed the coach to SEC Media Days and more.

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ESPN’s “Rolling With the Tide” documentary kicks off this Thursday at 6pm CT on ESPN2, and we may have a glimpse of what to expect. Yesterday, the network released a six minute feature on Nick Saban that opens by following him to SEC Media Days. Based on this video and the accompanying articles from, it appears that they will be heavily focused on what makes Saban tick and how he built the most successful decade in college football history, but also on the human side of the legendary coach. A snippet:

“I counted them up and there were 14 kids,” Saban says. “I realized I’m responsible for these cats. In the early years, I didn’t know how to relax. I think now, mostly through my family, my grandchildren, my wife, I’ve learned how to separate things a little bit better. We all know that someday we’re not going to exist. We’re in a minute time frame in terms of the evolution of man over time, from the first speech to all the things that have happened since. So you start to wonder: What kind of person were you? How did you treat other people? What kind of relationships did you have? How are you going to be remembered? Because that’s all we’ve got.”

Saban has always been known as an unrepentant workaholic and his schedule doesn’t seem to be slowing down much, but it certainly appears that advanced age has inspired a renewed appreciation for his family and the good things in life outside of football. He also maintains again that he will coach as long as he feels that he is bringing value to the program, and believes that he will continue to do that for some time.

The video is embedded below. Give it a watch and chime in with your thoughts in the comments.

Roll Tide.