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Alabama Crimson Tide vs Louisville Cardinals Open Game Thread: 18 in ‘18

Time to lace them up for real.

NCAA Football: Alabama Football Fan Day Advertiser-USA TODAY NETWORK

It is finally HERE! No more talk, no more black jerseys, no more slapping pads with teammates. It’s time to lace them up and hit somebody for real.

Opening game of the Alabama Crimson Tide College Football season gets under way at 7pm CT in Orlando, FL against the Louisville Cardinals of the ACC. Bobby Petrino and some of his players have made the unwise decision to shoot off their mouths about how they are going to beat Alabama. It’s good to instill confidence but it’s best to keep thoughts like that internal, Bobby.

Louisville was 8–5 (4–4 ACC) a year ago with Lamar Jackson at quarterback. Tonight, redshirt sophomore Jawon Pass takes over. Pass was heavily recruited by Alabama but he took too long to decide and the Tide moved on... to Jalen Hurts.

This is your Open Thread. Try to keep it civil, unless of course trolls show up. Almost anything goes but please NO gifs, no bouncey-bouncey (you know what I mean), and watch your height tags. We ask these things because it slows down load times. If you need a reminder (or just want to gander at Margot Robbie), see what our Secret Sweetheart has to say about it.

September 1, 2018, 7pm CT/8pm ET

Orlando, FL

ABC - Chris Fowler & Kirk Herbstreit with Maria Taylor.

Alabama is 24 point favorite.

Let’s get this thing started! Can I get a ROLL TIDE?