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Roll Bama Roll’s Plays of the Game

The best moments from Alabama vs. Arkansas State

NCAA Football: Arkansas State at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

With the awards piece last week, we are still working to come up with an article that best pleases both the readers and myself (as I’m not going to write something I don’t enjoy writing). Many of you suggested last week to drop the individual awards in lieu of adding more highlighted plays. So, I’m yet again working tirelessly to decide what categories get chosen. What else is one to do with a Sunday afternoon anyway?

Play of the game:

I like to lead with the best and work down from there. That way you won’t all be guessing at and expecting which play I’ll end the article with.

Man, everything about this one was just awesome. The pocket movement to the throw to the catch. Plus it’s really nice to see 5th year senior Derek Keif finally getting to show off his height and red zone ability that we’ve all known was there since he was a recruit.

Prettiest Throw:

Wasn’t this just a beautiful thing to watch? After a year of us complaining online about Hurts’ tendency to bail the pocket at the first sign of pressure and ultimately stalling drives, he finally stood tall in the face of a free-firing blitzer and delivered one of the best strikes into the endzone I’ve ever seen (and it’s a throw that Tua has overthrown twice since the Georgia game, I might add)

RTDB Award:

There were a couple of runs from Najee Harris to choose from, and both ended with him hurdling some hapless soul. I wound up choosing this one because I loved the vision and patience he showed at the end of the run as he cut behind his blocker near the sidelines to gain an extra 5 yards.

In the morning, we’re making pancakes

Jedrick Wills had one block in the first quarter that I almost picked for the shear ferocity of it, but on second review he might have also gotten away with a hold on it, so I decided not to spotlight it.

Instead, I found a pass block from a mere running back that wound up absolutely pancaking a free rusher. Damien is going to get PAID next spring.

Reuben Foster Hit of the Game:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be 100% gump on this one. The best hit of the game (aside from Damien’s block... but that already won one award) came from an Arkansas State player. #34 took a shot at a careening Jalen Hurts that not only stopped his flying body stone cold in the air, but also jarred the ball loose. It was a hit to make Reuben Foster proud, even if for the wrong team.

Goofiest Blooper:

The only thing that would have made this one a better blooper is if Saivion Smith had faceplanted, rather than managing to catch his balance at the last second. The best part about the whole thing, however, is that the ball was overthrown, so Smith’s unexpected lapse in balance wound up having no negative consequences for the Tide.

As always, use the comment section to heckle me for clickbait titles, bad play choices, and other general gripes. I might respond.

Seriously, I’m always open to suggestions for more award categories, so speak your mind.