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Jumbo Package: Gump Day!

Your mid-week pick me up to make it until Saturday

NCAA Football: Arkansas State at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama TE learns lesson about blocking without helmet

“You definitely don’t think, ‘I’m just going to completely stop and stand still at that moment.’ But I’m glad that they didn’t call a penalty there because that would have negated Josh’s big run. I just try to sacrifice for my teammates. Even if I wasn’t wearing anything, I’d still try and go lay a block for Josh because that’s how I feel about him and I want our team to win.”

Coaches later informed him the rule says you can no longer engage on a play after his helmet comes off. He didn’t think that scenario would play out but is happy the team is now up to speed on this rule.

Hentges got reinforcement on the regulation at home.

”My fiance probably gave it to me the worst because she was like ‘You’re going to get hurt out there. Protect your head,’ stuff like that,” he said. “I’m like, ‘You don’t think about that in the moment, you just try to make a play.’”


Seriously, even though we all appreciated Hentges’s effort in springing that touchdown, it really is pretty dangerous to be out there blocking in open field with no helmet. When I saw it live I was immediately scared he’d take a helmet right to the nose. Plus the whole penalty thing. It’s good the team now all knows that rule for sure.

Alabama Football: Monday Ole Miss prep and POTW honors from ASU

Latest Injury Status:

Defensive linemen, freshman Stephon Wynn returned to practice in a black, no-contact jersey. There is no definitive word on his game availability but he is not expected to be recovered in time to play against Ole Miss.

Fellow defensive lineman, Johnny Dwight was seen with a brace on his leg. He was not in a black jersey. Also not confirmed is the rumor Dwight had a medical procedure last week.

It was confirmed on Monday freshman cornerback, Jalyn Armour-Davis is out for the season due to a knee injury.

Freshman outside linebacker, Jarez Parks returned to practice Monday after missing three sessions last week following a death in his family.

Some injury updates. Nothing really of note that we didn’t already know.

Alabama center comes to defense of offensive line

The Alabama offensive line has taken some heat, relatively speaking, over the last year plus.

To be frank, senior center Ross Pierschbacher isn’t as negative when evaluating that group.

”I mean, it’s the second game of the season, and it’s pretty frustrating,” Pierschbacher said. “We have 250 yards a game and only allowed two sacks, so I think we’ve had a good start. There’s always stuff to clean up, you know what I mean? In the years past, we’ve never had the perfect game, especially early on. So, I think we’ll continue just to grow as an offensive line. That’s kind of how it goes at that position, you know.”

He’s right. Alabama’s averaging exactly 250.0 yards per game rushing to rank 30th nationally. The two sacks allowed are 31st best in the country.

Personally, I’ve been pretty bullish on how our O-line has played so far. Leatherwood and Wills have mixed up who was going to take a free blitzer a few times, but like Ross said, the whole right side of the line is new, plus a new center. Later today, you’ll get a breakdown of the two from DrWhosOnFirst. So mark your clocks.

Alabama football: No. 1 Tide flashing explosive passing game with Tagovailoa

Alabama can still send a number of talented tailbacks and bruising blockers at opposing defenses, but now they’ve got to be equally wary of the collection of wide receivers.

The top-ranked Crimson Tide’s offense has produced bushels of yards and points — and a number of deep balls — in quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s first two starts.

”We pride ourselves on running the football, but when we’re able to distribute the ball like we’ve been doing — everybody’s touching it, they don’t know who’s going to get it — it’s very tough to stop,” Tide tight end Irv Smith Jr. said. is joining in on Gump Day too. There are very few websites left out there that haven’t been processed yet.

The nation’s top three teams face quarterback conundrums, and there’s no end in sight

At Clemson, No. 1 Alabama and No. 3 Georgia, they’re staking their seasons on two-headed quarterbacks. That is basically unprecedented.

That is unless you can remember a time when the top three teams in the AP Top 25 all intentionally played two quarterbacks. By doing so, all three are either trying to placate a rising star or keep a current starter happy while juggling all the things that make quarterback culture so maddening -- egos, parents and playing time.

This is a really good read from CBS if you have a little time this morning. Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia are all in weird QB situations where a returning starter on a top-4 team from last year is being outshined by a backup. Alabama’s has become a little more clear cut (despite all our hand-wringing), but the other two are still working through some uncertainty. It really is a phenomena that all of the top 3 teams are in that situation— a situation that conventional wisdom usually says will sabotage a team.

Tide in the NFL: Tracking Alabama players in Week 1 action

Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones started Week 1 off by catching 10 passes for 169 yards Thursday night against the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, while Jacksonville Jaguars tailback T.J. Yeldon was the only former Alabama to score a touchdown during the first week. Defensively, Houston Texans safety Kareem Jackson posted eight tackles and two forced fumbles.

Here’s a recap of the Tide players in the first week of the NFL. Julio is continuing to absolutely dominate. Kareem Jackson seems to be taking to his move to safety as well.

Derrick Henry also had a huge touchdown run that ended up being called back for a ticky tack penalty. And Tim Williams nearly decapitated a hapless QB.

Submit your question for Nick Saban and ‘Hey Coach’

Top-ranked Alabama plays its first SEC game Saturday at 6 p.m. against Ole Miss in Oxford.

Make sure to submit your question for the Week 3 edition of “Hey Coach!” with Nick Saban. The in-season radio show is recorded live from Baumhower’s Restaurant in Tuscaloosa on Thursday night.

Ask Saban about the challenge Ole Miss’ offense poses, his thoughts on the kicking game and his assessment of Alabama’s freshmen.

Leave your question in the comments section with your name and hometown.

Here’s your chance. Comment on that article if you want your chance to make it into Saban’s weekly radio show.

That’s it for today. Get out there and do evil.

Roll Tide