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PRINTABLES: Updated 2018 Alabama Football depth chart, position guide, and jersey numbers

The first week or two of the season always sees a lot of jersey swaps

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At the beginning of the season, our awesome reader Jay Reynolds was kind enough to create a printable Tide roster for you — indicating a graphical two-deep, position guide, and jersey numbers.

With the fickle nature of 18-22 year olds being what it is, the roster has seen several players swap uniforms and positions, with concomitant changes in the two-deep and jersey numbers.

Not being content be be bad-ass merely once, Jay went out of his way to update this and create a whole new printable two-deep for you. Given the Tide’s penchant for beating people mercilessly, I suspect you’ll need to refer to it liberally throughout the season (“White fullback? When did we get a white fullback? When did we get a fullback?”)

We can’t thank him enough. Please praise him in the comments.

Here’s the Google Drive link to print off a copy, and follows below an image file if you’re feeling lazy.

Updated Tide Roster

Jay Reynolds

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