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Alabama Football Film Room: Isaiah Buggs destroys Aggie offense for the second year in a row

Buggs arguably had his best game ever against Texas A&M

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Alabama vs Clemson Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

What is it about Isaiah Buggs and the Aggies? Against Texas A&M in 2017, Buggs recorded 10 tackles (still a career high). Against Texas A&M in 2018, Buggs only recorded 7 tackles (what a scrub, right?); but he had 4 tackles for a loss— 3.5 of which were sacks— and another 2 QB hurries for good measure. Those 3.5 sacks doubled his career total, too.

1st and 10: It’s the first play of the game. Buggs (#49) is the weakside defensive end. He fires out of his stance and gets lower than the left guard. Buggs drives the offensive lineman a yard into the backfield and stands him up, keeping his eye on the running back. He easily sheds the block and joins several other defenders in stopping the back for no gain.

3rd and 4: Buggs is lined up on the right side. He tries to go inside the left tackle but gets caught up in traffic and slowed down, but not stopped. On the left, Anfernee Jennings (#33) has beaten a double team; and Christian Miller is also looping to the edge to prevent QB Kellen Mond from scrambling that way. The A&M receivers are covered well; so Mond pumps, thinks better of it, and tries to run. He can’t go outside because of Jennings and Miller, and Raekwon Davis (#99) is coming from the right. So he goes forward, right into the path of Buggs, who brings Mond down for his first sack.

2nd and 10: Buggs is on the right again. He rushes inside and gets his hands right on the guard’s chest. While it’s hard to say for certain because of the camera angle, it looks like he gives the guard a little yank, jerking him off balance. With the offensive lineman stumbling, Buggs just blows right past him and has a clear shot at Mond, who doesn’t stand a chance.

3rd and 14: Buggs is one of two down linemen (Davis is the other), lined up as the 3 tech on the right. He takes a couple slow steps before twisting inside and cranking up the speed. The right guard, who has moved to his left, tries to turn to this new threat; but Buggs catches him in the chest with some momentum and just drives him backwards. Mond has Miller, who has beaten the left tackle, to his back and left. He has Jennings to his right. And he has Buggs in front of him. Half a second later, he’s in a burial Mond of Alabama players.

1st and 10: Buggs is on the strongside. There’s nothing fancy here from him. He jams his left arm in the left tackle’s chest and holds him away at arm’s length. After a couple yards, Buggs stops and flings the tackle aside and rushes on his inside shoulder. Mond moves to his left to escape Johnny Dwight (#95), who had a very nice swim move to beat the right guard. This brings Mond right to Buggs, and that’s all she wrote.