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Giving Away Money: Week Two — Picks against the spread to enhance your filthy lucre

Time to stick it your man with these picks against some huge spreads

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What went right: Yup, Tennessee is terrible. Wound up taking App. State (LOL at Nittany Lions). Alabama could have hung 90 on Louisville. Notre Dame was better than Michigan at home — a lot better than the 7 point MOV.

What went wrong: I let my love of Dreamy Lane blinker me to his track record in big games. Woof. Wake lost by a half-point; Tulane’s better play at home continues from ‘17. FSU is starting 5 traffic cones on the offensive line. Whoo, buddy. Texas stunk it up. But at least it was funny.


TCU (-17.5) @ SMU

Ga. Tech @ South Florida (+3.5)

Western Michigan at Michigan (-28)

Eastern Michigan @ Purdue (-16.5)

UNM @ Wisconsin (-35)

Duke @ Northwestern (-3)

Miss. State @ K State (+9.5)

Arizona @ Houston (-4)

Nevada @ Vandy (-8.5)

Ga. State @ NCSU (-26.5)

UCLA @ Oklahoma (-30.5)

AFA @ FAU (-9.5)

KU at Central Mich (-4.5)

Memphis @ Navy (+6.5)

UNC @ ECU (+16.5)

Rutgers @ OSU (-35.5)

UGA @ USCe (+10)

Ark. State @ Alabama (-36.5)

Colorado @ Nebr. (-5.5)

Ball State @ ND (-34.5)

Iowas State @ Iowa (-4)

App. State @ UNCC (+13.5)

Maryland @ BGSU (+16)

UAB @ Coastal (+10)

Baylor @ UTSA (+14.5)

Clemson @ TAMU (+11.5)

Wyoming @ Mizzou (-17)

FIU @ ODU (+1)

UVA @ Indiana (-6.5)

Kentucky @ Florida (-14)

Utah @ No. Ill. (+11)

Fresno @ Minnesota (-2.5)

Arkansas @ Colo. State (+13)

NMSU @ Utah State (-24)

Cincy @ Miami (OH) (-1.5)

Tulsa @ Texas (-23)

So. Ala @ Ok. State (-32.5)

Penn State @ Pitt (+8.5)

USC @ Stanford (-5)

UTEP @ UNLV (-23.5)

Cal @ BYU (-3.5)

UConn @ Boise (-31)

Mich State @ ASU (+6.5)

SJSU @ Wazzu (-34.5)

Rice @ Hawaii (-17.5)

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Big lines but take a shot:

Alabama (-36.5) may not let the Red Wolves cross the 50; expect the running game to get a heavy workload.

Ohio State (-35.5) should do pornographic things to Rutgers, especially at the ‘Shoe. The hope is that blowing out enough cream puffs distracts from the fact that C’bus is a cesspit.

Hawaii (-17.5) Don’t look now, the Warriors are 2-0 and have looked the best they have in about 7-8 years. Rice is food, coming off a tough loss against its crosstown rival, and have the toughest road trip in CFB this week.

Wazzu (-34.5) vs. SJSU: The lesser Spartans are god awful; the Cougars seem to have picked up where they left last year. Big line, but Leach will slap run it up to finish ironing the wrinkles out of the new passing game.

So. Alabama at Okie Lite (-32.5) The Jags are in transition, and Oklahoma State is under the radar. A better USA team was helpless at home last season against the ‘Pokes. Expect similar, perhaps more gruesome, results in Stillwater.

Texas (-23) vs. Tulsa: Last year Tulsa had about as awful a defense as I’ve ever seen. Texas’ third string should be able to cover this spread at home in DRK.

Wyoming at Mizzou (-17). The Cowboys secondary has struggled against the pass. NBD, it’s just the SEC’s most prolific air attack, at home, with a coach playing for his job.

UCLA at Oklahoma (-30.5) UCLA was as bad a P5 team as you’d see last week. The whole “no tackling, and our QB sucks” thing bodes poorly in Norman.

Purdue (-16.5) vs. Eastern Michigan. The Eagles aren’t ready to keep a game within three scores in a Big 10 stadium.

Tighter ones, but worth a bet:

KU at Central Michigan (-4.5) The Jayhawks are in disarray. When you’re getting the dread vote of confidence after the season opener? Yeah...Beaty is a dead man walking. Fire up, Chips.

Air Force at FAU (-9.5) The Owls running defense was pretty toothless last week — and last year, generally. NBD, just a triple option team this week! I like the Falcons to cover, but probably not pick up the S/U win.

Memphis (-6.5) at Navy. Navy was outclassed agaisnt Hawaii’s air raid. Memphis’ passing attack is significant degrees better than that one, with a lot better talent. It will likely be a shootout, but you like the Tigers to cover a touchdown

Mississippi State at K State (+9.5) I don’t know that the Wildcats can score in a whorehouse, and will struggle to move the ball against Simmons and Co.

Watch, don’t bet:

Clemson, for obvious reasons, on the road at A&M (+11.5).

Michigan State at Arizona State (+6.5) Man, the Sun Devil looked really good last week. The Spartans less so. This is a really tough road game for MSU — it starts at 11:00 p.m. in East Lansing. The real ‘State will be exposed this week.

Penn State was ghastly against the Mountaineers. This is a rivalry and Pitt has played decently at home the past two years. PSU should win; but this one probably means more the the Panthers. Nope. Nope. Nope.

UGA at USC: Last year, with a better team and at home, the Dawgs made the score prettier than the game. Giving up 10+ on the road against a rival is a tough ask. See above for Pitt-Penn State

Arkansas (-13) at Colo. State. It’s going to be a tough year for the Rams, but no one knows what to expect from the Hogs just yet, especially a mile above sea level on the road.

Alright, who do you like? What are you eyeing this week? Who’s your go-to, when you need a win?