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RBR Podcast — Taking stock of the Tide with ESPN’s Peter Burns

Call it a transition, not a setback

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While it may be a somber week amongst Alabama Fans, Peter Burns of the SEC Network joins Wes and Brad to liven up things.

The trio recap:

- The game on Monday night *someone play the taps*

- Discuss how absurd it is to say the dynasty is trending down after this one game

- The coaching staff turnover at Alabama that’s underway again and if it will ever catch up to the program

- If anyone in the ACC can compete with Clemson to have a chance to keep them out of the playoffs (like Alabama has with Georgia)

- Is it better to lose 44-16 or lose at the last second in the game.

- Favorite moment of the 2018 season and give their thoughts on what topic will dominate this offseason in CFB.

Thanks again for Peter for taking the time to join us. He’s a great guy overall and be sure to follow him on Twitter (@PeterBurnsespn). You can find Wes and Brad there too! (@WesleyGullett, @brad2524).

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite moment was of the 2018 season. Roll Tide!

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