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Wide Receiver Jerry Jeudy breaks Alabama school record

And he broke it pretty easily.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jeudy worked his way into the record books in 2018. His 1,315 receiving yards is second all-time in school history, behind only Amari Cooper’s 1,727 yards in 2014. Julio Jones’ 1,133 yards in 2010 is now in third place. Jeudy also hauled in 14 touchdown receptions, which is also good for second all-time, again behind Amari Cooper’s 16 touchdowns in 2014 (I’m starting to think that guy was pretty good). Amari Cooper’s 11 touchdown receptions in 2012 is now just third in school history.

Hey, let’s take a quick look career-wise. Amari Cooper (shockingly) has the record with 31 career receiving touchdowns. Calvin Ridley is second with 19. Dennis Homan is third with 18. Jerry Jeudy is tied with Ozzie Newsome for fourth with 16. I have a feeling he’ll be advancing next season.

Jerry Jeudy does sit in first place in one area, though. Jeudy hauled in 68 receptions for 1,315 yards in 2018. With a minimum of 50 receptions, no Alabama receiver had averaged more than 17 yards per catch. Keith Brown was in first place with 17.0 yards per reception. Cooper was second with 16.95 yards per reception. Jeudy now stands above both, having averaged a pretty decent 19.34 yards per reception.

My guess is he further solidifies himself in the record book next year.