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FanPulse Top 25: Alabama takes over #1 spot

It’s been that kind of week.

Alabama’s consistent dominance in games they should win pushed the Tide to number one this week, as everyone saw Clemson struggle with a mediocre North Carolina squad on the road. The fans and sportswriters are in lockstep with the top five, though for my money you’d have a hard time selling Clemson as one of the four best teams if the playoff started tomorrow, and unless they show improvement I suspect the committee will agree when the first rankings come out in about a month.

The main variation comes near the bottom of the poll, where fans eschewed the AP #22 Wake Forest and #24 SMU in favor of Cal and Southern Cal. The sportswriters are more bullish on Arizona State as well, ranking them five spots higher than the FanPulse poll.

As you might expect, Alabama fan confidence remains high.

Roll Tide.