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Alabama Football Film Room: Darrian Dalcourt has impressed when given the chance

The true freshman has looked good in his back-up role.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 31 Chick-fil-A Kickoff - Duke v Alabama Photo by Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

True freshman Evan Neal has impressed, starting every game at left guard. He’s not the only true freshman offensive lineman who has looked good, though. While he has only played deep in relief, Darrian Dalcourt has played well at center and has entrenched himself with the second team.

While Landon Dickerson is set to start at center in place of the banged up Chris Owens, so Dickerson and Deonte Brown can both be on the field, Dalcourt appears ready to step in if needed.

3rd and 5: Dalcourt (#71) steps to his left and engages the defensive tackle. He drives the defender back a couple yards and walls him out, helping create a big lane for Keilan Robinson (#2). Dalcourt stays with the block through the play, too.

1st and 10: Dalcourt snaps the ball and moves up to the second level. He quickly gets right in the chest of the middle linebacker and moves him towards the sideline. Jerome Ford (#27) shoots through the hole breaks a tackle and is off for a big touchdown. Dalcourt forces the linebacker down to the ground and falls on him.

2nd and 3: Dalcourt is in with the rest of the starting offensive line (Matt Womack started at right guard this game). He turns to his left to briefly help Evan Neal (#73) before turning back to the blitzing middle linebacker. Dalcourt gets lower than the linebacker and shuts it down. While it is brief, he maintains good balance and keeps his feet moving. The defender starts to spin, and Dalcourt gives him a little shove.

1st and 10: Dalcourt snaps it and immediately has the nose tackle in his face. He gets his hands inside the defenders’ and stands him up, not giving up an inch after the initial push. The play is blown up in the backfield but not through Dalcourt’s fault.

1st and 10: Similar to the last play but against an SEC opponent. Dalcourt snaps it and fires forward into the defensive tackle. He maintains the block and doesn’t give any ground.