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Guest Graphs: LSU vs. Florida

It wasn’t “domination,” but it was no accident either.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 12 Florida at LSU Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Continuing with out “Guest Graphs” from this weekend, we’ve got the LSU Tigers pacing steadily ahead of the Florida Gators all game. Commentary will be limited, but the stats aplenty. C’mon down.

LSU (42) vs. Florida (28), Oct 12th

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Team Success Rates (cumulative)

The game wasn’t exactly a rout, so sometimes you can expect to see some weird gaps between “who won the game” and “who was the most efficient.” The UGA-SCar game this week was a pretty obvious example of said weirdness, but this LSU Florida graph actually maps to the score and game pacing really well.

Success and Explosiveness by Quarter

Hey, the Gators won the 4th quarter! Well... at least on efficiency. That LSU explosiveness line is more the result of a small sample size rather than consistent performance, though one of those plays was a huge 54-yarder.

Play Map: Yards and Result by Play

How did a game involving LSU and Florida have so many more explosive plays than a Georgia game this year? Strange times indeed.

LSU’s explosive plays were more explode-y, though; and Florida had a big gap there in a tough third quarter, with a few 3 and outs right when things were getting interesting.

Success and Explosiveness by Play Type

Success and Explosiveness by Down

Wow - those third and fourth downs are a real surprise: that’s real bad from LSU, and 3rd down conversion is usually one of those killer metrics.

Looking closer, it looks like all twelve* of LSU’s explosive plays were on first and second down, which is just uncanny.

*Yes, twelve is more than Georgia and South Carolina got combined in their game, and is actually 3 more than what Tua and co. were able to put up against South Carolina.

Rushing rate (cumulative), LSU

[Cookie monster noises]

Rushing and Passing Success (cumulative), LSU

Rushing rate (cumulative), Florida

Rushing and Passing Success (cumulative), Florida

Top Runners, LSU

Top Passers, LSU

That, uh, is a very, very good QB line from Joe Burrow. Fine whatever.

Top Receivers, LSU

That’s also a real good receivers line—there are only (and barely) 4 of them, but they were getting some work against the Flerda terds.

Top Tacklers, LSU

Top Runners, Florida

Top Passers, Florida

Kyle Trask actually had a pretty good line himself, but it wasn’t enough when the other QB did that.

Top Receivers, Florida

Top Tacklers, Florida

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This was a surprising amount of offense for a game that features these logos. Joe Burrow is looking like the real deal. Sure, there are always caveats about victories, but this one was as solid as it looked on the scoreboard.